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Tax cuts: New support package for e-mobility

Tax relief should stimulate the switch
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D he progress in area-wide electromobility could be paraphrased as “still charging” according to the topic. According to a study by the consulting firm Strategy Analytics, only around one percent of all vehicles produced worldwide are purely electric. But at least: In Germany, with 83,175 vehicles, there are a good 29,000 more electric vehicles on the road than in 2018. With 64.8 million registered vehicles, this is only 0.13 percent nationwide. This is not enough for the federal government - which is why a new funding package for electromobility has now been passed.

Special depreciation of 50 percent

In addition to the regular tax depreciation, a special depreciation of 50 percent of the acquisition costs for electric delivery vehicles is now possible.

In terms of content, however, the measures do not only deal with automobiles. For example, the employer's job tickets should in future be completely tax-free for employees. Behind this is the hope that more commuters will switch to buses and trains. As far as cars are concerned, the halved taxation for electric company cars (0.5 percent of the monetary benefit) is adhered to until 2030. Without the decision, this tax rate reduction would have expired in 2021. From now on, there is another tax advantage when purchasing electrically powered delivery vehicles - special depreciation of 50 percent on the purchase price can be made here. In addition to regular depreciation.

Anyone who can charge their electric car or plug-in hybrid at their employer was tax-free in terms of electricity costs until the end of 2020. The federal government is now extending this tax advantage until 2030 - even if it is nota company car, but a private car. As Federal Finance Minister Olaf Scholz told the Funke media group, thanks to this complete package of measures, electric cars should also land faster on the used car market. Not a bad idea, because to this day, buying electric cars is a predominantly expensive undertaking.


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