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D he separation from a car that has grown dear to you is easier to cope with when you know that it will end up in good hands. This is what will happen now with our Fiat Spider in the color “azzurro metallizzato”. Well-maintained condition, third hand, almost 136,000 kilometers and, of course, continuously serviced, these were the key data that workshop manager Josef Tudisco had given the editorial team in advance: “A really nice and honest car,” said the Fiat specialist.

As a diligent Motor Klassik reader, you are of course already familiar with the Spidereuropa, which is commonly known as the “Fiat Spider”. For example, we accompanied the Italo two-seater on its way to the H license plate.

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Rossen Gargolov
The drive of the Spider is still done by the well-known, 105 HP two-liter engine with two overhead camshafts.

Pininfarina Spidereuropa - a good choice

Now that our previous editorial car (the silver Alfa Spider) has changed hands, one thing quickly became clear : Without editorial classics we would be missing something, at the latest when i n autumn the sun really comes through again (even the boss was of this opinion, although there are of course costs for maintenance and insurance for the Spider). All right, it was said in the summer, you have the green light for car number two - according to the same rules of the game that already applied to the Alfa Spider: The good part will be the classic as the main prize in the spring electionof 2017 advertised and given back after a year at the latest - the bottom line is a good deal.

The search for a suitable car began immediately. Make, model, engine - the list of suggestions was quite long, but many of the classics they wanted failed either because of their limited suitability for everyday use (why not try a Maserati Shamal?) Or because of the budget, which of course also had to take into account the maintenance costs (see Maserati Shamal). The fact that it ended up being Spidereuropa is due to the good price-performance ratio, the driving pleasure that is offered and probably also the positive experience that the editorial team has had with the Alfa Romeo Spider. A two-seater convertible was definitely well received by everyone involved.

We are sure: If you dust off the new MKL company car, it will be well received by you too.

Rossen Gargolov
A look under the Pininfarina Spider confirms that - no rust or rust Sweat marks on the underbody.

It's so easy to take part in the raffle

It's online HERE Election.

The classic route is via the magazine: In the Motor Klassik issues 01/2017 and 02/2017 you can leaf through the candidates, which are divided into 18 categories and numbered consecutively. Enter the respective code numbers in the corresponding fields on the enclosed postcards. Please do not forget the remaining questions, stamp on it, and off with the card in the mailbox.

Rossen Gargolov
Our new spider is wearing no Fiat logo either on the engine or on the trunk lid. Instead, the rectangular Pininfarina emblem is emblazoned there.

Conditions of participation

We are raffling off an azure blue Pininfarina Spidereuropa from 1984 with an H license plate worth around 15,000 euros. The convertible is ready to be picked up in Stuttgart. The judges' decision is final and the prize cannot be paid out in cash. Claims based on material defects are also excluded. Anyone over the age of 18 is allowed to take part, with the exception of employees of Motor Presse Stuttgart and their relatives.

Have fun voting - and good luck!


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