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Takata airbag recall: Supercars also affected

Takata airbag recall
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B Back in 2008, Honda initiated the first recall of models with Takata airbags. In 2013, Takata had admitted problems with exploding airbags. As of 2014, the NHTSA initiated the first mass recalls in the USA. Since 2015, numerous manufacturers have been calling back vehicles with possibly defective Takata airbags in major product recalls. In the US alone, 46 million airbags in 29 million vehicles are affected. Regardless of the known danger situation, however, various car manufacturers seem to continue to install the potentially dangerous Takata airbags in their cars. There is no other explanation for the fact that the US security agency NHTSA has expanded its recall list to include numerous 2017 models. Including numerous exotic, luxury and super sports cars.

The recall list includes the Audi models TT (2016 - 2017) and R8 (2017), the Ferrari models 488 GTB (2016 - 2017) and Ferrari 488 Spider (2016-2017), Ferrari California T (2015-2017), Ferrari F12 (2013-2017), Ferrari F12 tdf (2016-2017), Ferrari GTC4 Lusso (2017), Lexus GX460 (2010- 2017), McLaren 570 (2016-2017), Mercedes E-Class Cabrio (2011-2017), Mercedes E-Class Coupé (2010-2017), Mitsubishi i-MiEV (2012-2017) and the Volkswagen CC (2009-2017) and the Sprinter models from Mercedes and Freightliner (2010-2017 and 2007-2017).

In addition, there are also various 2016 models in the List of NHTSA , which only covers models for the US market.

VW Group: 1.3 million cars affected

At the Volkswagen Group brands, 1.3 million cars are affected. The recall applies to the USA, Canada, Japan and South Korea. At VW the models Eos, Golf , Passat and CC called back. A spokesman for the brand did not want to comment on which models at Audi are affected.

Voluntary and precautionary recall

The recall is voluntary and precautionary, so far there have been no injuries due to a defective airbag. When asked, a spokesman said: “There are no cases at VW or other group brands.” VW justifies the fact that cars are being recalled in the countries mentioned and not in Europe, with a different legal situation. In the meantime, airbags would be without ammonium nitrate in the gas cartridgeinstalled.

The problem with Takata airbags was that the ammonium nitrate in the gas cartridge became wet under certain conditions and the airbag did not deploy correctly. After serious accidents, the US traffic safety authority NHTSA ordered a recall of all cars with the affected airbags.

Mercedes: no recall in Europe

Like the Volkswagen Group, Daimler does not call any cars back in Europe and Germany. When asked, the group announced that there were no known defects in Takata airbags in Mercedes vehicles. 'That is why we are recalling the Takata gas generators installed in Mercedes-Benz models as a precautionary measure in countries in which this measure is sometimes subject to specific regulatory requirements,' added a spokesman for the group.


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