SW-Motech bench manufacturer

SW-Motech bench manufacturer
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If you are not satisfied with the standard seat on your bike, you can get one from various saddlers can be customized. If you don't know a saddler or don't have one on site, SW-Motech an individual bench service. In a specially established factory in Rauschenberg, Hesse, benches are converted by master craftsmen and by hand.

Prices from 220 euros

How the dream bench should look can be defined in advance in the online configurator. The customer should receive such a bench according to his ideas. Standard, racing or touring seat, one-piece or two-piece, SW-Motech cushions up and down and makes seats out of first-class materials that are particularly suitable for motorbikes.

All benches are Handcrafted.

You can choose from 3 shapes, 15 robust synthetic leather surfaces, 9 Yarns in different colors and a few other options such as heated seats. Depending on the configuration, such a single piece then costs between 220 and 420 euros. The processing time is given as around 10 days. Since every bench from the manufactory is a unique piece, an exchange is excluded.

MOTORRAD will be available soon Get a picture of the manufactory and the new benches yourself. We will report here.

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