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Suzuki Swift purchase advice: two- or four-door, 4x4 or sport?

Dino Eisele
Suzuki Swift purchase advice
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A ls automobile manufacturer, Suzuki in Germany has mainly produced small cars and made a name for compact off-roaders. The most popular model for years has been the Suzuki Swift, which Suzuki has been offering here in the country since 1984 - albeit with an interruption. The current fourth generation of models, introduced in 2010, has more space than before, but it looks like the face of the predecessor presented in 2005. Why change the appealing design: Long wheelbase, tight body overhangs, steep windshield with always black painted A-pillars and the barely arched roof create proportions that are not dissimilar to those of the Mini. However, Suzuki also offers its little ones as a four-door model.

With a length of 3.85 meters, the Suzuki Swift is still one of the more compact small cars in the circle of VW Polo and Co. The latest variant, the Suzuki Swift Sport with 136 hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder, introduced last autumn, is four centimeters longer than its tamer brothers thanks to its beefy bumpers. Another specialty is the Suzuki Swift 4x4 with permanent all-wheel drive, which with this technology has practically no competition in its class.

Suzuki Swift with 1.2 liter four-cylinder gasoline engine

For The basic engine in the Suzuki Swift is a 1.2-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 94 hp. As an alternative to the five-speed manual transmission, there is a four-speed automatic converter (surcharge 1,300 euros) available, but only in conjunction with four doors and front-wheel drive. The same restriction applies to the third engine on offer, a 75 hp diesel. The turbocharged four-cylinder with a displacement of 1.3 liters and a maximum torque of 190 Nm from 1,750 rpm is produced under license in India - the design comes from Fiat. With the exception of the powerful four-cylinder in the Suzuki Swift Sport, an automatic start-stop system that increases efficiency is state-of-the-art in the Suzuki Swift - as long as the customer chooses the comfort version, which is also extensively equipped the safety equipment. ESP anti-skid protection as well as front, side and head airbags plus an additional knee airbag for the driver are standard features even in the basic model. Result in the Euro NCAP crash test: the top score of five stars.

Two or four doors?

Suzukiis limited to the hatchback shape with a large tailgate, which is common in this segment, but leaves the customer the choice of whether the rear passengers get in and out through separate doors. The surcharge for the four-door is 600 euros, with electric window lifters in the rear doors only being standard equipment from the Comfort line onwards. The only exception: the all-wheel-drive version 4x4, which is only offered in the Club equipment, has electric helpers on board.

There is a choice of three lines

Without the independent top model Suzuki Swift Sport, the Swift range is divided into the three equipment lines Basic, Club and Comfort. Individual extras from the factory are limited - apart from additional doors in the rear (600 euros) and automatic transmission - to metallic paintwork (380 euros) and an electric sliding glass roof (690 euros), which is only available for the Suzuki Swift 1.2 Comfort.

But one thing at a time: The Basic version actually describes the cheapest Suzuki Swift - it is exclusively linked to the two-door model with 1.2-liter gasoline engine for 10,990 euros. However, the Basic is not quite as puristic as the name suggests. In addition to the already mentioned complete safety equipment, power steering, on-board computer and electric windows are on board.

Suzuki Swift only from Club equipment as a four-door

Nevertheless, the 2,000 euros surcharge for the club Version not only because of the larger selection. Only from this variant on is the Suzuki Swift also available as a four-door model, as well as with an automatic transmission or diesel engine. The additional extras of the club increase above all the comfort. Manual air conditioning, central locking with remote control, electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors and a CD radio with USB connection that can be operated from the leather steering wheel make life with the Swift more pleasant. Also useful: the rev counter and the split, foldable rear seat backrest.

Those who like things a little more luxurious have to invest another 1,400 euros in the Comfort Line. The key can remain in your pocket for access and engine start. In addition, there are 16-inch aluminum wheels, automatic air conditioning, power windows also in the rear (four-door), fog lights, cruise control, reading lights and a steering wheel that can be adjusted for both height and length. Also only part of the Comfort version is the automatic start-stop system, which reduces consumption in city traffic - an annoying forced coupling for cost-conscious Suzuki Swift buyers.

From economical to sporty

While other manufacturers equip their small cars with basic petrol from 60 or 70 hp, Suzuki is taking a different approach. Even the entry-level model has a 94 hp petrol engine under the hood, which enables rapid progress. To do this, however, the five gears must be with the smooth shiftingbe sorted more often, because brawny pulling power is not one of the particular strengths of the only 1.2 liter small but frugal four-cylinder. It is all the more astonishing that it subjectively hardly loses temperament with the soft-shifting, optional four-stage automatic transmission (1,300 euros). On the other hand, the diesel, which only sounds pithy when cold, allows a lazy shifting style. With 75 PS it is nominally weaker, but thanks to turbocharging it is very powerful and yet economical.

However, the dynamic genes of the Suzuki Swift really come into their own in sport. Its four-cylinder engine develops 136 hp from 1.6 liter displacement and delights sporty natures with lively revving, which, together with the agile sports suspension, guarantees a lot of driving fun - without drinking too much.

Compact size

For the body, Suzuki gives the customer the choice between two and four doors. But apart from the surcharge for the rear doors (600 euros), everything speaks for the four-door, because access to the rear seats is otherwise extremely difficult. On the two-door model, the front seat only slides forward on the passenger side when the backrest is unlocked. There is only a narrow gap on the driver's side for boarding the back seat. Once there, there is more space available in the Suzuki Swift than expected - even 1.85 meter passengers do not feel cramped. But the easy access makes the four-door the first choice. This makes child seats easier to fit, with Isofix fastenings on the outer rear seats on all of the Suzuki Swifts.

If the rear seat backrest is laid flat, it is also easier to load and unload luggage on the four-door model . If you transport something from time to time, you have to make use of it more often, because the otherwise modest, 211-liter luggage compartment grows to up to 902 liters. When it is folded forwards, however, one step remains in the cargo area, and only the Club and Comfort versions have a split rear seat back.

In all Swift versions, there is generous space on the comfortable front seats. There are enough storage spaces on board, with the compartment in front of the gear lever being particularly practical.

If you want assistance with parking because of the lack of clarity towards the rear: Parking sensors are only available as dealer accessories. Price: 183 euros without installation.

All-wheel drive version Suzuki Swift 4x4

The outside of the Suzuki Swift 4x4 can only be recognized by its lettering, while there is no indication of permanent all-wheel drive in the cockpit. Because the heart, the viscous coupling, works without the driver having to do anything. It only diverts drive torque for the rear axle when the front wheels are spinning, thus significantly improving traction in winter conditions.

In 2011 the Suzuki Swift 4x4 achieved inGermany still has a share of 12 percent. With a price of 14,490 euros plus 380 euros for the mandatory metallic paintwork, the Swift 4x4 is one of the cheapest all-wheel drive models on the market. It is only available as a petrol engine in Club equipment and costs 900 euros extra - including heated seats and rear power windows and prices

Two and four-door models, three engines and four equipment lines make up the range of the Suzuki Swift, which ultimately includes eleven combinations and from 10,990 euros for the two-door 1.2 Basic with 94 hp to the dynamic 1.6 Sport with 136 PS for 18,490 euros is enough. Most equipment lines (three) are available for the two-door Swift 1.2, most drive variants (four) for the club equipment.


Among the eleven engine, transmission and equipment variants of the Swift, the 1.2 Club with four doors for 13,590 euros emerges as the version with the best price-performance ratio. As a four-door model, the Suzuki Swift is much more practical, and the Club already has the most important extras on board. It's a shame that the 1.2-liter gasoline engine in this version has to do without the efficient start-stop system, although it is satisfied with little fuel even without this technology. With the turbodiesel, the Swift is noticeably more sovereign, but for economic reasons the diesel is only worthwhile for frequent drivers. The new Suzuki Swift Sport, on the other hand, is a tip for friends of small GTIs. It offers a lot of equipment and lots of driving fun for comparatively little money.


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