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Suzuki Regina at the Tokyo Motor Show: The compact information

Suzuki Regina at the Tokyo Motor Show
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Suzuki Regina with only 70 grams of CO2 emissions

So the Suzuki Regina should only weigh 730 kilograms - a value that is more likely to be found in the field of minicars. Thanks to the special aerodynamics, the Cd value should be 10 percent lower than usual in the compact class.

A The Suzuki Regina is powered by one Petrol engine with CO2 emissions of around 70 grams per kilometer. Suzuki states that consumption is around 3 liters per 100 kilometers.

Suzuki Regina with spacey interior

Visually, the Suzuki Regina shows itself with grim-looking headlights and distinctive beads. the front is vertical in the airstream and only a small radiator deep down in the apron supplies the engine with fresh air. Pronounced fenders determine the side view. A short bonnet merges into a rather steep windshield, which then sweeps towards the roof spoiler.

The door handles of the rear doors are hidden in the window triangle, giving the impression of a two-door car. The stern shows narrow and with high standing taillight slots. Eye-catchers are the centrally arranged exhaust and the partially covered rear wheels. In the interior, the driver takes a seat in front of a spacey steering wheel - a split instrument panel leads the view of the cockpit in the middle. There is also a free-floating, transparent center console that shows navigation information on a display, among other things. Air conditioning or internet access can also be controlled via touchscreen. A massive rotary knob at the lower end is responsible for selecting the gear of the automatic transmission.

As further world premieres, Suzuki is showing the hybrid version of the Swift and a short-range electric study Q-Concept.


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