Suzuki Reader Test Drive (2018)

Lena Willgalis
Suzuki Reader Test Drive
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M more power, less weight: that is the simplest formula in sports car development. But it is not always that easy to implement. With the new Swift Sport that fits; the new one weighs less, performs better (see driving report in AUTO 11/2018) and is supposed to focus on driving pleasure and performance.

'That's right,' says Tobias Binhack when he comes out of the yellow Swift Sport rises, which is his Swift Sport for the duration of this day - his and that of his wife Tatjana Oreskovic. Before the start of sales, the two and four other winners got to know Suzuki's new small car athlete in Andalusia.

'That would be exactly my car,' says Tatjana, who has been driving a normal Swift for years. “I'm very satisfied with that. But such a new sport is on a completely different level than my old one. ”She wouldn't have to argue with her husband for long. As soon as he is behind the wheel, he says: “I would take it right away. Small and handy, but strong enough to annoy the bigger ones. '

Not a riot, but nimble and agile

Or as if the new Suzuki Swift Sport simply had what it takes to convince the Testdrive participants on the mountain roads towards Ronda immediately. “The Swift fits well on the narrow and winding roads,” says Jan H. Heinrichs, “not rowdy at all, but fast and light-footed. It's really fun. ”His brother Frederik had connected his smartphone to the infotainment system, and with soft electronic sounds the two surfed from one vantage point to the other.

In the hinterland of the Costa del Sol, racing cyclists tormented themselves on the steep slopes Hang up, fight against the wind and - judging by their faces - not infrequently with the weaker self. The Swift Sport, on the other hand, didn't have to torment itself at all. 140 turbo horsepower, less than 1,000 kilos in weight. “And great steering: precise and with good feedback. It really worked on the small streets, but the car wasn't nervous or restless before on the autobahn. It can do both, 'thinks Frederik Heinrichs.

Niki Schelle, rally driver and one of the testers who were involved in the coordination of the chassis and steering, is pleased:' It can always be made harder. But the question is whether it will make the car better. And it was important to Suzuki that the Swift Sport brings its power to the ground even without a limited-slip differential. '

' It does, 'saysDaniel Wurster, “140 HP, that doesn't sound spectacular at first. But you actually have to get in the car to understand this car, to experience it. Otherwise you won't believe what's going on with it. In a ranking, driving fun per euro ‘, the new Swift Sport would be right at the front. There is still a bit of air left for infotainment, but what else? 10 out of 10 points. ”His friend Markus Sperling nods:“ The car makes it easy for you. It puts the rider first, and the more you pay attention to your driving, the better the Swift Sport feels. You notice the low weight, the engine goes well with the car. Even at 50 in sixth gear, it can be driven. Should they cancel our return flight, ”says Markus,“ we'd be happy to take the Suzuki on our way home. ”Sure? 'Sure,' says Daniel, 'I would like a few thousand kilometers more.'


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