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Suzuki R3 Concept MPV at the New Delhi Expo: Six-seater MPV in the Opel Meriva look

Suzuki R3 Concept MPV at the New Delhi Expo
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D the concept model was developed by Maruti Suzuki within put on the wheels for nine months and now revealed live on television.

Suzuki R3 Concept MPV: borrowings from the Opel Meriva

However, the concept car is reminiscent of Suzuki astonishing at the new Opel Meriva or the Opel Meriva concept car from 2008.

The Suzuki R3 Concept offers space for up to six passengers in three rows of seats, it is based on an extended SX4 platform. Access to the MPV is provided by doors that open in opposite directions - without a B-pillar hindering the appearance and the boarding.

Suzuki R3 Concept MPV: Fiat diesel and electric drive possible

Visually, the Suzuki R3 Concept is characterized by a strongly curved bonnet with grim-looking LED headlights off, the jagged side line and the slightly sloping roof ends abruptly in a steep glass wall that forms the rear of the MPV. The two glass halves of the roof let plenty of light into the interior. this in turn impresses with an elegant black and white finish, applications with a blue background, a center console that gently floats into the interior and a narrow cockpit that offers information across the entire width of the vehicle.

The Suzuki R3 MPV is powered by gasoline engines from the Suzuki Maruti shelf with 1.2 and 1.4 liter displacement. A modified 1.3 liter diesel from Fiat could be used. Hybrid or a pure electric drive are also still in the room. The Suzuki R3 is scheduled to hit the Indian market in 2012. However, it is questionable whether the model will save the third row of seats, the door design and the spacey interior in series production. Also unsure whether the model will be offered in other markets.


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