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Suzuki Jimny Facelift 2013: Terrain dwarf goes into the next round

Suzuki Jimny Facelift 2013
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S e since 1998, in the auto industry for half an eternity, the Suzuki Jimny is now on the German market. And still very successful. The reason for this is simple: there is no alternative except for the older Lada Niva from Russian production. If you still want to use an off-road vehicle as intended, but do not want to move and pay for a five-meter sled, you inevitably end up with the Suzuki dealer in Germany.

Suzuki Jimny 2013 remains conceptually unchanged

That's how it is Jimny is not only popular with off-road beginners who dare to take their first steps on unpaved roads. Above all, users from mountain farmers to hunters to forest rangers love the Jimny for its compactness and robust construction without electronic frills. Pure off-road vehicle in bonsai format.

The ongoing success of the 14-year-old concept shows that Suzuki is right not to replace the little one with a more modern design for the time being. Its users want the rigid axles and the ladder frame, the extremely compact dimensions and the low weight, but in return gladly accept that you can't race with the Jimny.

However, it will be the first time since the model year change Give a major facelift in 2005. This only affects the front section. At the rear and in the interior, however, everything remains the same: robust, easy-care plastic, foolproof and simple operation. Now the first pictures of the facelift model have leaked, which we can show you here.

What is he wearing the hood for?

The bumper of the Suzuki Jimny for the 2013 model year has been completely redesigned. Instead of the additional cooling air openings, fog lights are now integrated, and the lower part of the apron is more accentuated. Much more eye-catching is the redesigned bonnet with a new radiator grille. It is lower, the hood now extends further down. That looks beefy.

Another detail causes confusion: the new Suzuki Jimny gets an air scoop on the hood. This is usually only installed in off-road vehicles with a charge air cooler on the engine. This raises the question of whether a diesel engine will find its way into the engine compartment of the Jimny again after several years. Suzuki had the diesel version with the 1.5-liter Renault diesel known from the Dacia Duster in Germanytaken.

Is ESP coming in the Suzuki Jimny?

It is also still completely open whether Suzuki will also offer the Facelift Jimny with ESP. So far, the little Kraxler has been completely free of electronic driving aids. According to an EU transitional regulation, existing model types must also have an ESP by 2014 at the latest.

Suzuki Germany is still silent on the facelift model and will not announce details of the technology, the start of sales and the prices until July. The Suzuki Jimny currently starts at 15,190 euros, a significant increase in price is unlikely.


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