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Suzuki electric roadmap 2030: 5 electric cars for Europe

The small car specialist has outlined its electric future. In addition to hybrid models, numerous electric cars are also to come - five of them for Europe.

The Japanese car manufacturer Suzuki is also preparing for a transformation towards electric drive technology. Suzuki outlines the way there as part of its 2030 growth strategy presented on January 26, 2023.

5 electric cars for Europe

By this year, 80 percent of all cars sold in Europe should be equipped with a purely electric drive. Hybrid cars account for the remaining 20 percent. However, Suzuki does not currently have a single electric model on offer. It should judge five new pure BEV models. The chart presented shows a small panel van in the format of the faded Wagon R. A small off-road vehicle is also clearly visible, the silhouette of which points to the Jimny. There will also be three SUV/crossover models, probably the successors to the Vitara and S-Cross. With the eVX study, the Japanese have already indicated an electric SUV that should come onto the market and also to Europe from 2025. However, the first electric model for Europe should already be launched in 2024.

6 electric cars for India and Japan

The electric car targets for the Indian market are less ambitious. BEV models should have a 15 percent share of the product mix in 2030, hybrid models 25 percent. The remaining 60 percent continue to rely on combustion engines, some of which are operated with alternative fuels. However, six new models are expected to break in the BEV share on the subcontinent, the first of which will be launched in 2024.

For the Japanese home market, the strategy also envisages six purely electric models by 2030. They should have a 20 percent share in the product mix, the remaining 80 percent will be equipped with hybrid drives. The first electric model for Japan is announced for 2023.

Small electric two-wheelers and eco-fuel for motorcycles

Suzuki is also implementing the electric strategy for its two-wheeler division. Eight purely electric two-wheelers are also to come here by 2030. But they should all start in the area of ​​scooters and small displacements. For the large motorcycles, Suzuki plans to switch to climate-neutral fuels. Electric two-wheelers are said to account for 25 percent of sales worldwide, with combustion bikes remaining dominant at 75 percent.

Suzuki estimates the investments in the new electric offensive at around 32 billion euros. This should then double the sales of the Japanese by 2030. A closer cooperation with partner Toyota should help Suzuki. Together they want to act in the fields of autonomous driving, battery technology and electric cars. Suzuki wants to be CO₂-neutral on the markets in Japan and Europe by 2050, and this threshold is targeted for India by 2070.


Suzuki is now jumping on the electric car bandwagon and is announcing its ambitious plans by 2030. New electric models should find plenty of sales on the markets in Europe, Japan and India. Five new electric models are planned for the European market. That only starts in 2024.


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