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SUVs up to 25% cheaper: top discounts on 20 bestsellers

Achim Hartmann
SUV up to 25% cheaper
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K competition stimulates business, including that with the Estates. New car buyers can benefit from this. The current evaluation of the new car broker MeinAuto.de takes 20 particularly popular SUV models under the microscope. The dealership grants the highest calculated discount on the Ford Kuga, which is offered at a discount of up to 25.75%.

Also bestsellers with a generous discount

At Volvo the XC60 is for sale at a discount of over 23%, at VW customers can save up to 21% when buying a Touareg. Even with the bestsellers VW Tiguan and Opel Mokka, the brokers have researched discounts of over 23% and over 21% respectively.

But customers can also save a lot with the premium suppliers BMW and Audi. The X1 is over the counter with a discount of up to 19%, while the Q3 from Auto is offered on the Internet with a discount of over 21%. The Dacia Duster offers the lowest discount. MeinAuto.de only determined a maximum of 2% discount here. But the popular Romanian is already one of the cheapest offers on the market.

An overview of 20 popular current models and the possible discounts can be found in the photo show.


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