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SUV Tuning Sins: The Weirdest Tuning Attempts

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SUV tuning disasters
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E It's a bit of a paradox: brooding there Technicians and developers, in some cases for years, have been concerned with putting a sensible off-road vehicle on its wheels that does justice to its purpose. And then tuners come, lower the device and stick colorful spoilers to it.

Off-road vehicle tuning, extra sloping

Of course, it's not that easy anymore. Modern high-performance SUVs are tuned and revised according to all the rules of the art in order to satisfy the wishes of wealthy customers. The fact that good taste occasionally falls by the wayside is also official.

In our compilation of the weirdest tuning measures in the area of ​​off-road vehicles, one thing in particular is always noticeable: the Mercedes G. had to put up with so much in the last few years. Mercedes is not entirely innocent of the development, with the ever more inflated AMG models you are preparing the basis for extreme tuners and their wealthy customers.

It was actually even better in the past: the plastic attachments, which were especially popular with manufacturers in the early 1990s, can usually be easily removed and the innocent original car appears.

In our picture gallery we show you some of the wildest tuning excesses the off-road vehicle area.


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