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SUV tops & amp; Flops November: winners and losers SUVs

Hans-Dieter Seufert
SUV registration figures in November
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L slowly things are looking up again: The car The overall market in November approaches the level from the same month in 2009 by up to six percent - when the last twitches in the scrappage bonus provided the dealers with momentum. For off-road vehicles and SUVs, on the other hand, there seems to be only one direction: steep up. This segment is increasingly developing into a sales engine for manufacturers.

New SUV registrations: New sales record

The segment grew by a whopping 46.4 percent and thus celebrated a new sales record. A total of 30,762 buyers opted for an SUV in November 2010 and meanwhile the off-roaders have an impressive 11.7 percent share of the entire passenger car market. Another aspect is noticeable: apart from vans and small cars, there are no more private buyers in any of the twelve segments. 49.4 percent and thus practically every second SUV were newly registered by private households. The front runner in this discipline is the Dacia Duster, where just a tenth of new registrations are made by commercial customers. For comparison: South German luxury SUVs like Audi Q7, BMW X3 or Mercedes GL each have company registration shares of around 80 percent.

Off-road vehicle registration figures: Some innovations are still to come

The innovations on the market, which almost consistently sell better than established models, are continuing at a high level. BMW is recovering from the dent in sales due to the relocation of production and the model change for the X3, which is already back in the top ten with the new generation. And at Jeep, too, a fresh start is the first good news: in November, the first advance contingent of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee (see driving report) for a strong increase to 116 new registrations.

If you miss the Nissan Qashqai in our overview: Nissan does not list it as an SUV, but as a minivan in the registration statistics. With 2,484 new registrations this time it would have been enough for fourth place in the SUV. Nissan's successful SUV van doesn’t match previous sales successes.

In our photo show you will find the exact numbers and positions of the most popular SUVs and off-road vehicles - and in the second partthe list of slow-moving goods for which hardly any buyers were found.


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