SUV registrations July 2021

The registration numbers are going down, which also affects the popular SUVs. After all, the minus is lower than in the overall market.

That was probably nothing: After the lively numbers in the previous month, the SUV market almost fell asleep in July. New registrations fell by 15 percent compared to July of the previous year. The off-roaders got off with a black eye, because the minus is even worse on the overall market - a decrease of 25 percent.

83,224 of the total of 236,393 new passenger car registrations in July were off-road vehicles and SUVs, corresponding to more than a third of all new registrations in this segment.

Probably the most important reason for the nosedive is not the buyers who are tired of new cars. The industry suffers from a lack of supplies, especially in the semiconductor sector, and nothing in modern cars works without computer chips. As a result, not only did self-registrations drop significantly and are now missing from the statistics, deliveries to private customers are also noticeably slowing down.

New SUV registrations July 2021

So it is not surprising that all manufacturers across the board are affected by the declining numbers. Just 20 of the well over 100 model series in the SUV warehouse were able to increase compared to the previous year, all the others are clearly in the red, from wallflowers to bestsellers. Minus 32 percent for the Tiguan, minus 37 percent for the GLC, minus 57 percent for the X1 - the manufacturers are missing out on a lot of sales revenue.

Newcomer in the video: Lamborghini Urus,

Two newcomers can be reported in the statistics for July 2021, neither of which tend to be from the camp of inexpensive family carriages. As the new chief electric car, the BMW IX stretches its wide kidneys into the wind. And as a sincere combustion engine, Lamborghini is sending the Urus to the German registration offices for the first time. And because such a 650 hp brutal SUV isn't exactly everyday, you can roar along in the video above - a track battle between Urus, X6 M and Cayenne Turbo.

Table: The top 20 new registrations of SUVs in July 2021

Another look at the situation with the electric vehicles: Tesla is still taking its time to send a Model X into the race again, 35 copies have made it so far since January, none in July. According to rumors in the industry, however, the first Chinese-made Model Y have found their way to Europe, and we may see the premiere in the registration statistics as early as next month. Meanwhile, another model is apparently blossoming into an electric people's SUV. The Skoda Enyaq seems to have hit the mark with customers, 25th place is a top result for the Czech.

Note: The registration statistics are the official information from the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg. The division into the respective classes is based on a key number via the manufacturer. Models that are not available on the German market or are no longer built can also appear in the statistics. This peculiarity can occur in the KBA statistics if, for example, foreign vehicles are registered in Germany for the first time or vehicles have a new identification number. received .


They would like it if they could: The declining number of registrations on the German market also affects the SUV boom segment. But it's not because of the missing customers. Manufacturers are suffering from an acute shortage of semiconductors – as is practically the entire industry. As a result, not as many vehicles can be built as could be sold - a dilemma that will probably continue for a while.


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