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SUV registration numbers November: The tops and flops for SUVs

Dino Eisele
SUV registration numbers November
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D the German automotive market ate itself with a small minus of only 1.8 percent in the final spurt of the year is primarily thanks to the SUV, without which it would have been a significantly greater loss. With an increase of 29.2 percent compared to the same month last year, the off-roaders are again in excellent shape, while the values ​​in other segments are stagnating at best. There were 47,238 new SUV registrations in November, so another record is in sight: by the end of the year there will be well over half a million new SUV registrations in Germany, the SUV market share has now grown to over 17%.

Compact SUVs are selling well

It goes without saying that the manufacturers want to convert this popularity into good money and follow the trend with new ones Firing models. They are also well received by customers: the Porsche Macan is by far the best-selling model from the Zuffenhausen-based company, and the new Jeep Renegade is currently preparing to occupy the same position in the range of brands offered by the traditional US brand. And even at Lexus, the recently launched compact SUV NX 300h with its hybrid drive has advanced to the brand's best-selling model from scratch.

However, these profits also show where the market is currently headed: mid-range SUV in the The format of the VW Tiguan and the compact representatives like the Jeep Renegade run right, in the class of the big hooters, on the other hand, the best thing to do is to take a breather if the numbers don't drop significantly. But it should not be forgotten here that after the boom in small SUVs in recent months, it is now the turn of the large models to renew their products. Many SUVs that have crashed in buyers' favor are about to retire, and some of the successors are already about to go on sale. The Volvo XC90 (-89.7%) would be such an example, and this also applies to the Audi Q7 (-49.8%) or the BMW X6 (-79.4%). When the successor models are at the dealerships, things will go uphill again for these luxury SUVs.

SUV registration figures: Opel triumphs

From the table basement to the midfield, compared to the Little done last month, individual places were swapped, but apart from the aforementioned crashes of pensionable models, there were only small movements in the placement. On the other hand, there was significant change in the upper third of the table. Have a really good monthcaught the Opel Mokka, which increased by a hefty 182 percent compared to last November. The growth rate of the Nissan X-Trail seems even more magical: the move away from the off-road model to the replacement of the previous Qashqai +2 is paying off with an increase of 252 percent compared to November 2013. BMW is also reporting almost three-digit growth rates with the X1 (+ 91%), at the top of the table there is a head-to-head race for second place.

The exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in November we show you in our photo show.


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