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SUV registration numbers August 2015: In August it was all about

Hans-Dieter Seufert
SUV registration figures August 2015
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1 89. So many mochas would have had to be delivered by Opel dealers in August in order to complete the sensation - to knock the VW Tiguan from the throne as the best-selling SUV. Because not only the summer vacation month of August, traditionally an extremely bad sales month, bothered the eternal market leader. The imminent model change to the second generation, with the world premiere at the IAA 2015, is now also casting its shadow. As a result, the number of registrations for the Germans' favorite SUVs plummet, almost halving from 5,569 in the previous month to 2,825 in August.

New Tiguan registrations halved

This is how manufacturers can do it of three subsequent SUV models, at least in August, having almost caught up with the SUV approval king, which might actually work for the final Tiguan model change. Before - there is no doubt about that - the Tiguan, generation two, really takes off.

Of course, the off-road vehicle market consists of considerably more players - 79 different SUV models were able to look forward to new license plates in August. And there was a lot of swap in the stands. A total of 41,935 off-road vehicles and SUVs were registered for the first time in Germany in August, with SUVs increasing by 14.1 percent compared to August 2014. The total number from January to August: 390,890 new off-road vehicle registrations. With a total of around 2.13 million new car registrations in the year to date, SUVs and off-road vehicles have a market share of over 18 percent.

Renault SUV on the rise

At Renault, we can look forward to two rescuers from the crisis: the strongly upward-striving Kadjar is now achieving sales figures the Koleos never dared to dream of, and things are going much better again for the Renault Captur. The high-flyer of the month, on the other hand, is a slightly more expensive automobile: the Audi Q7 can record a whopping 431% increase over the same month last year. Even the brilliant + 240% of the Volvo XC90 are comparatively meager.

The relegation of the month with a minus of over 90 percent is one of the last 'real' SUVs: the Suzuki Grand Vitara will be taken off the market, only remaining stock from dealers will be sold off. In the coming months he should be completely out of theNew registrations have disappeared - like the Land Rover Freelander already now. It's a shame about an upright nature boy whose footsteps are at least two sizes too big for the modern, new Vitara.

We show you the exact sales figures and placements of the new SUV registrations in August 2015 in our photo show.


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