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SUV registration figures March 2015: The tops and flops for SUVs

Hans-Dieter Seufert
SUV registration figures March 2015
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D March had it all: a plus of almost ten percent compared to the same month last year, 323,029 new vehicles registered for the first time. And the whole thing with a significantly increasing private share - the manufacturers no longer have to trick so much with daytime registration and Co. Right in the middle of the new car boom are SUVs with a plus of over 17 percent compared to March 2014. Exactly 57,674 off-road vehicles and SUVs received a German license plate for the first time in March 2015.

Jeep and Suzuki triumph

In terms of table placement, for the most part not that much changed in March - with a few exceptions, the SUV models swapped one or two places up or down. The real news is the sometimes huge growth. From 22nd place in the SUV registration statistics, sales are in four digits. Last month you had to wait until eleventh place to see registrations of over 1,000 units.

Two brands were particularly big this month, and not just because of vehicles that are new on the market. In March, Suzuki celebrated a whopping 99 percent increase over the same month last year, thanks in part to two SUV models. The new Suzuki Vitara stormed way forward, but above all the Suzuki SX4: it tripled its sales figures compared to last March and thus entered the top third of the table.

Jeep should also be happy give, there the plus in March is a remarkable 122.7 percent, in the first quarter the US brand sold around twice as many off-roaders as in the previous year. This is not just the merit of the new Renegade , because the other models are also doing well. With one exception: the Jeep Compass is gradually taking off its hat, it is only available with gasoline engines because of the stricter emissions regulations, as a discontinued model it is being adopted towards the end of the table.

Lexus and Ssangyong with respectable successes

Smaller rolls are baked at Lexus, but there is also reason for the noble Toyota subsidiaryJoy: the Lexus NX achieves notable successes far from the bottom of the table and becomes the best-selling Lexus in Germany in March. Ssangyong also delivered a remarkable sales performance: the Korando benefited, among other things, from an action program with a 20 percent discount, with which the compact SUV was already sold for less than 18,000 euros.

It was also in March especially compact SUVs that generate good sales figures. The best-placed large luxury SUV is the BMW X5, which at least made it to 20th place on the SUV hit parade.

We show you the exact sales figures and placements of new SUV registrations in February in our photo show.


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