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SUV operating costs: Analyzed: This is how much SUVs really cost

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SUV operating costs
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S UV - expensive fun? Anyone who knows the price level of German manufacturers in particular will probably answer in the affirmative. But what really counts are the operating costs - and they are not in any brochure. The Schwacke data professionals have therefore taken the SUV segment and calculated it - with astonishing results.

SUV operating costs: 584 models calculated

There are around 70 SUV model series with numerous variants on the German market. The effort that was put into Schwacke was correspondingly great: Exactly 584 different models were examined and the costs analyzed. An average private user profile was used as the database: four years holding period, annual mileage 15,000 kilometers.

The calculation of the operating costs includes all relevant factors. In addition to the maintenance costs such as taxes, insurance and maintenance, the residual value determined by Schwacke was also included in the analysis. Many private buyers underestimate the share of the depreciation in the running costs; depending on the model, this can be up to 60 percent of the new price over the course of four years. Those who do their math here can save considerable sums of money when buying a new one.

Enormous range in operating costs

The surprising result of the investigation was the enormous range: between the cheapest and the most expensive SUV in Germany are five times the cost per kilometer. It is also amazing how little the impact of fuel consumption is on the actual costs per kilometer. For example, the relatively frugal Porsche Cayenne Diesel (standard consumption 7.4 l /100 km) differs only slightly in percentage terms from its considerably thirstier petrol brother.

Can you guess Germany's most expensive SUV?

But the rule of thumb expensive car=expensive maintenance does not necessarily have to be correct. Or would you have thought that a Hyundai has higher running costs than a Mercedes and that a Range Rover drives cheaper than a Mitsubishi? In our overview we have put together the current series of the German SUV market with the operating costs determined by Schwacke. We are curious if you can guess Germany's most expensive SUV: a single kilometer of driving costs an unbelievable 1.84 euros.


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