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SUV at the IAA 2011: On all fours in the spotlight

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U nd some manufacturers also dare to look into the future of off-road vehicles. The most spectacular study is certainly the Land Rover DC 100, which gives an outlook on the Land Rover Defender for 2015. Almost unchanged since 1948, the British therefore dare to give the classic a completely new face.

They are clearly based on the modern forms of the Evoque. Whether that goes down well with the fans or the new Defender makes new friends is up to them.

Saangyong with a new SUV for the IAA

A very specific manufacturer from Korea only has big friends if it was about the ranking of not beautiful cars. Here Ssangyong was mostly in the top ten. Back on the German market, Ssangyong wants to polish up its image at the IAA 2011 and is presenting the compact SUV XUV 1, with crisp, short overhangs and smart phone control.

Pickups in particular can be picked up on such lifestyle nonsense the IAA not at all impress. They are the workhorses among the off-road vehicles, long-legged, highly motorized and with a large loading area. The new Ford Ranger presents itself with a 3.2-liter five-cylinder diesel with 200 hp. Toyota is showing the facelift of the Polar Hilux at the IAA and Chevrolet is showing the pickup of tomorrow with the Colorado.

SUV birth and volume -4x4

Of course, the SUVs at the IAA cannot be without the volume models in this segment. Mercedes is bringing the new generation of the M-Class to Frankfurt, Mazda is showing the compact SUV CX-5 and a league below that is the new Fiat Panda 4x4.

A new SUV is also rolling out at the IAA. The British company Eterniti has chosen the IAA as the birthplace for its luxury SUV. He should listen to the name Hemera and bring the Porsche Cayenne as a parent.

Maserati is now also entering the SUV business and is presenting the Maserati Kubang at the 2011 IAA. The Italians' SUV is based on a Jeep platform - this was probably made possible by Fiat, which is now the parent company of Maserati and Chrysler.

You can see in our photo show which manufacturers are presenting their new SUVs at the IAA.


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