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Survivors are suing Toyota automaker soon in court

Toyota - complaints after series of breakdowns
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The accident in August last year had nationwide for Made the headlines and ultimately triggered the millions of Toyota cars being recalled. Several of the dreaded class action lawsuits are now pending.

Accident at 160 km /h in the Lexus sedan

The Saylor case is probably one of the harder ones for Toyota , stated the' Wall Street Journal 'on Thursday (March 4th). Mark Saylor (45), his wife Cleofe (45), daughter Mahala (13) and brother-in-law Chris Lastrella (38) were sitting in a Lexus limousine that could not be stopped. The car rammed an off-road vehicle at more than 160 kilometers an hour, got off the road, overturned and went up in flames. The last seconds of the four people's lives are recorded on tape. Chris Lastrella had dialed 911. Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda had expressed his condolences to the bereaved when he had to give an account to the US Congress last week. The mother of Cleofe and Chris, Fe Lastrella, had also appeared before the committee of inquiry and touched millions of people with her appearance.

Error was already known when renting a car

The US traffic safety authority has now linked 52 deaths with the series of breakdowns at Toyota. In many cases, however, the evidence is thin. The Saylor case is different: According to a family lawyer, the Lexus was a rental car that was equipped with a thick doormat that actually belonged in a different model. A previous driver had already complained that the accelerator pedal had jammed. The dealer from whom the car was borrowed also has to answer
for this reason.

T oyota had started bringing millions of cars into the last year Calling workshops because the floor mats threatened to wedge the gas pedal. Earlier this year, Toyota admitted that the pedals could also jam on their own. Some experts and MPshowever, see faulty electronics as the real reason for the unwanted acceleration. Several Toyota owners have now complained that their cars would accelerate on their own despite the repairs.


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