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Survey Nürburgring future: What do you want to experience at the Ring?

Nürburgring future survey
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D he future of the Nürburgring is unclear. The current operator is facing the end. What events there will be on and off the racetrack in the future cannot be said with any certainty. One thing is certain, however, the current concept of the traditional route is obviously not working.

The Nordschleife, which was completed in 1927 and is 20.8 kilometers long, is one of the most fascinating routes in the world. It is an important test track for the automotive industry, which disguised as a Erlkönig for several weeks a year Prototypes tests. sport auto determines a lap time on the Nordschleife of each Supertest candidate and offers driver training courses. On tourist trips, motorists and motorcyclists can even take the 73 bends (33 on the left and 40 on the right) for 26 euros per lap under their own bikes.

Motorsport events at the Nürburgring

The sporting highlight is the 24h-race at the Nürburgring , which has established itself as the largest motorsport race in the world with almost 200 participants. In addition to the VLN endurance series, the DTM and other racing series with current and historic automobiles are also held. Motorcycle races and Truck Grand Prix also take place at the Nürburgring. Because the Nordschleife was too dangerous for Formula 1 from 1976 onwards, the five-kilometer Grand Prix track was put into operation in 1984. However, the involvement in the premier class turned out to be a big subsidy business.

Nürburgring events attract many spectators

But not only gasoline is burned at the Nürburgring, but also some calories. 12,000 athletes competed in front of 35,000 spectators in the StrongmanRun obstacle course at the Nürburgring. Almost 5,000 cyclists and over 2,000 runners came to 'Rad & Run am Ring' last year. Even during the Nordschleife winter hike in 2012, over 300 participants were out and about on the snow-covered asphalt strip.

One of the most famous events besides the sporting events is the music festival 'Rock am Ring', in which in 2012 all 160,000 three Day tickets and 70,000 admission tickets were sold out three months before the event.

Ring Racernot running

In order to attract even more visitors to the Eifel region, a leisure and business center was built on the traditional racing track in 2009 - the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has invested around 330 million euros. The result is a covered ring boulevard with shops on over 8,800 m² and the Ring-Werk amusement park with a museum, cinema and go-kart track. In addition to the business center and casino, the grandstands on the GP course were also improved and even the historic paddock was renovated. Even a roller coaster was completed, but was not allowed to go into operation for safety reasons. In addition, the Eifeldorf and the new hotel and holiday complexes offer further starting points for celebrating and relaxing.

Your opinion is asked

But what do you really like with Nürburgring guests? Would you like your racing atmosphere or shopping malls, concerts or amusement parks? How far would you drive to cruise on the Nürburgring or to go to the cinema there? Your opinion is important to us. Write in the comment field under the article how you wish for the future of the Nürburgring, what you like there and what you don't. And why the Nürburgring has to be preserved.


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