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SuperVeloce: Espresso machines with a mighty displacement

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F ive for some, an espresso is nothing more than hot water with a high Pressure was pressed through very finely ground coffee grounds. For the others, however, the hot drink is a religion. Some buy a cheap machine online for less than 100 euros. The others like to pay four-digit amounts for the pressed enjoyment. The company SuperVeloce is now proving that it can also be in the five-digit range. But that's not all. The espresso machines from Mossel Bay in South Africa are 'automotive-inspired'.

What exactly that means can be seen at first glance. The espresso machines look like motors. But not like three- or four-cylinder engines. With SuperVeloce only the large aggregates come into their own. It starts with the very tidy-looking flat-six for 9,398 euros (excluding taxes). This flat-six or boxer engine comes with two banks of three cylinders on each side. This machine is said to be a tribute to the last air-cooled flat-six engines that were used in motorsport in the period from 1994 to 1998. For 10,200 euros, the RS Black Edition presses the water through the coffee grounds. This machine makes no secret of the fact that it is supposed to be reminiscent of a Porsche 993.

Twelve cylinders for a good espresso.

Price on request for the collector's item

Eight-cylinder fans must now be strong because there is no machine for you at SuperVeloce. Instead, the manufacturer offers ten- and twelve-cylinder machines at prices up to 44,490 euros. For a model, a price can only be obtained by asking. The priceless piece of coffee machine history is called Royale and also offers a grappa dispenser. The espresso machine weighs 28 kilograms, 38 centimeters long, 42Inches wide and 34 inches high. Its shape is supposed to be reminiscent of the 90-year era of Formula 1 with its powerful ten-cylinder engines.

Finally, even tea-drinking aviation fans get their money's worth at SuperVeloce. With the Turbojet model for 15,111 euros, you can choose from a tea maker in the form of a 1: 4 scale replica aircraft engine. The water tank holds three liters and the turbine paddle wheels rotate at 38 revolutions per minute when making tea.


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