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Supercars for superheroes: cars for Superman and Co.

Supercars for superheroes
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You can fly, run like lightning or jump from continent to continent, but maybe superheroes just want to get into a car to get from A to B. The British car broker C arwow thought. The British immediately put the result on “paper” using Photoshop.

Bugatti for Superman

For some For superheroes, the choice of a mobile pedestal is obvious. What could Superman drive? The father of all superheroes should also help himself at the top of the range - and there is the new Bugatti Veyron. With 1,500 hp in the rear, a ride is almost like a flight. And a passenger seat for Lois Lane would still be free.

Batman already has several Batmobile in the garage, but none for inconspicuous everyday use. Carwow chose a BMW M2. Of course, the rear got bat ears and the BMW kidney had to give way to a bat symbol.

The British see the combative Amazon Wonder Woman in a Lamborghini Huracan and the unbelievable Hulk best corresponds to a green painted Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6. And of course the all-American hero Captain America has to pilot a US model. what could be closer than a Ford Mustang - of course in the potent GT350R variant. And Tony Stark aka Iron Man? On the screen, the multimillionaire cruises around in Audi models, when he's not in his steel suit. At Carwow, Iron Man drives Corvette Z06.

You can find out which other models could drive other superheroes in the photo show.


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