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“Super Racer” 2020: “Eddy” Waldhier crowns himself the winner

Michael Jurtin
'Super Racer' 2020
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N Moritz Löhner, Florian Hasse, was the eventual winner , Alexandre Vromant, Kevin Siggy and the 'Super Racer' from 2018, Fabio Grosse, ready to face the final tasks. Up until the boot camp in February, the main thing was to qualify for the next round in the virtual cockpit. First with the scoutings in the form of fast simulator laps and the Raceroom online competitions, then again in the boot camp on the simulator, where additional athletic and coordination skills and general commitment were required.

From originally several thousand Applicants, the named six candidates had made it to the final, which promised a lot of excitement on the former DTM track in Salzburgring. Because the notorious Salzburg torrential rain prevailed on the final day and most of the finalists had no experience in real racing cars - except of course large ones - the first thing to do was to do a kind of 'car slalom' with the Porsche Cayman GT4 on a course in the paddock marked out with pylons Get to know clubsport. Here, Grosse set the best time, almost as expected, which already showed how close the finalists are.

Michael Jurtin
The emergency vehicle: the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport.

First wet, then dry

Then it went to the also still wet race track, where Waldhier caused a sensation with the fastest time. Not only the times, however, but also the driving technique, vehicle control and the overall impression in the cockpit were assessed by the experienced Lechner instructors from the passenger seat. Because Waldhier and Grosse delivered the best overall package here, they joined thefinal shootout.

The big challenge was to circle the course as quickly as possible on the now dried-out slope with a set of fresh Michelin slicks. For Waldhier, who, after his first drive in the racing car, now also completed the first drive with treadless racing tires, a big hurdle that he also took.

With a time that was only just over pole time ( !) from 2019, it caused many astonished looks. Grosse was practically the same speed, but against the background of greater experience, the decision of the five-member jury - Robert and Walter Lechner Jr. and three instructors - ultimately fell in favor of Waldhier.

'The day was long and we had difficult conditions. I think I'll have to sleep two more nights to realize that I can drive the season in the Porsche Sprint Challenge, 'said the happy winner. 'It's a huge honor for me. At the finale, I saw how professional Lechner Racing is.'

The renowned racing team, which together with Motor Presse Stuttgart, the Upgraded Automotive Group and Raceroom den He was looking for a fourth 'Super Racer' and has now found it, knows with the decades of experience of the Lechner Racing School about the qualities of his newcomer: 'We are happy that Eddy is our Super Racer and we see huge potential in him,' says Robert Lechner firmly. 'He not only fought his way through the boot camp, but in my opinion is also a natural talent in the car.'

The next step for Waldhier is a course on June 29 to obtain the international D racing license. On the weekend of the 24./25. July then starts the season at the Slovakiaring.


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