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Super Bowl Commercial 2018: These are the best car clips

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Super Bowl advertisement 2018
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W while in Germany commercials for online pharmacies are like weed When the commercials sprout on private television, there is a fireworks display of commercials once a year. It is ignited during the breaks in the Super Bowl - the American TV highlight with millions of viewers. Because of the huge audience, the advertisers go to great lengths. No wonder that the automobile manufacturers are also involved.

For example, Kia stages Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler as an aged racing driver who finds his very own fountain of youth in the new Stinger. Jurassic Park star Jeff Goldblum is sent on a similarly spiritual journey to the new Jeep Wrangler in the commercial. Of course, a T-Rex also plays a role. At Ram Trucks, on the other hand, you are more down-to-earth - in Iceland. A horde of Vikings populates the new Ram 1500 and roars a very rough version of 'We will rock you'.

In Dodge muscle cars across empty streets

Dodge pays tribute to the Super Bowl in a very good way own kind as an event that brings people together. In their clip for the Super Bowl, the brand celebrates with its muscle cars that the streets are empty during the sporting event and invite you to unrestrained driving pleasure. Nevertheless, of course, it is not recommended to imitate what Challenger, Charger and Co are doing there.

While Toyota gathers dignitaries of various denominations in a car and Lexus puts a superhero from the Marvel universe behind the wheel, Hyundai a referee small children from the football field because they pick your nose or have too short feet. Sounds unfair? The parents on the sidelines are still happy about the rigorous referee. Below you will find all the commercials of the automobile manufacturers for the Super Bowl 2018. Have fun watching.

Kia-Stinger as a fountain of youth

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The unfair referee in the Hyundai Kona

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Jeep Wrangler tracked by T-Rex

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Toyota brings denominations together

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Shoot down empty streets in the Challenger

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Vikings rock in RAM 1500

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Marvel hero drives Lexus

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