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Super battery for BMW i3 brings a range of 700 kilometers

Lion Smart
Lion Smart battery for BMW i3
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B MW was one of the first providers with the i3 of a mass-produced electric car on the German market. In 2013 the small car with the carbon body came onto the market. The lithium-ion battery initially installed, with a capacity of 21.6 kWh, provided a range of 190 kilometers according to the unrealistic NEDC. There was an update in 2016: Since then, the battery has had 33.2 kWh, and according to the manufacturer, the range is around 300 kilometers according to the NEDC, 200 are in everyday life.

That is no longer the case either really a sales-promoting argument, the early birth catches up with the BMW i3 - the structure of the carbon body, which is difficult to change, offers the battery only a manageable amount of installation space. BMW could not buy significantly larger batteries for the compact car, with the facelift a more dynamic S version was added instead.

Lion Smart, a development service provider based in the north of Munich with a focus on the construction of battery systems, is now showing one Prototype, which would be possible with the BMW i3 with the latest technology.

Lithium-ion battery with 100 kWh

As the online portal ecomento.de reports, Lion Smart has a battery with 100 kWh Capacity built into a BMW i3. A company video (see above) explains the technology of the battery pack in the i3 prototype. How could the engineers achieve what the manufacturer could not or did not want to do before? According to Lion Smart, the more modern battery has an energy density that is almost 80 percent higher than the storage medium installed in the factory. 8,064 round cells in 18650 format are said to correspond to those in Tesla Model S and Model X, which are known for their long ranges.

For the BMW i3 equipped with 100 kWh battery, Lion Smart gives a range of 700 kilometers on - that would make the BMW i3 the range king among electric cars in one fell swoop. There are currently no plans for series use of the installed battery. With a further improved charging infrastructure, the BMW i3, which is not a long-distance limousine, would not necessarily have to make such a big leap in its possible range. Another battery update should certainly be good for the model - and the manufacturer is probably also planning it. That could help him against upcoming competitors like a VW I.D.


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