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Summer vacation 2019: Current toll costs in Europe

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Toll in Europe 2019
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Holidays on four wheels should actually be cheap. But when, at the end of the vacation, three-digit amounts have torn a hole in the vacation fund, which has been saved so hard, the good mood that has just been painstakingly refreshed is gone in an instant. We show in our photo gallery together with the A DAC , which holiday country and how far the toll hand is held.

It gets expensive within the EU

In addition to the information about the toll Charges in our neighboring countries, the question must of course also be clarified: “What happens if I receive mail from the police station in my vacation country after my vacation?” Within the EU, the answer is quite simple at first glance. Because 'there is an agreement here that enables the cross-border enforcement of fines,' explains the ADAC. Internal legal assistance in criminal matters (IRG) is recommended for those who want to know more. All important information can be found here mainly in the (new) ninth part, §§ 86 ff. IRG (enforcement assistance transactions with the member states of the European Union).

What is important at first glance is the fact that of the 28 All EU member states, with the exception of Greece, have implemented the EU framework decision on the enforcement of monetary sanctions (RBGeld). Implementation has already taken place in all of Germany's neighboring countries. In this case, enforcement is the responsibility of the Federal Office of Justice. The ADAC is happy to add: “Collection agencies can ask for payment, but enforcement by them is not possible.” Fines from non-EU countries such as Norway, Liechtenstein or Switzerland cannot be enforced. However, anyone who enters the country within the statute of limitations, which can be four, five or more years depending on the country, is asked to pay directly on site.

The magic limit: 70 euros

Of course, it is also interesting that in most cases the effort is only worthwhile for the respective country if a certain amount of fine is exceeded. Here the amount of 70 euros can be used as a reference. However, including procedural and dunning costs. So even 50 euro violations plus 25 euro 'processing fee' can break the limit. There is good news for unteachable speedsters: sanctions such as driving license measures only apply to the crime scene country. So it is also clear thatSins committed abroad do not have any influence on the Flensburg aptitude to drive register.


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