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Summer tire test (235/65 R16): The best tires for motorhomes

Uli Regenscheit
Summer tire test (235/65 R16 C /CP)
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With better chassis, more powerful brakes and powerful engines, motorhomes are almost as dynamic as a passenger car arrived. A dynamic that, together with the widely available ESP systems and the tires that are now available and optimized for wet grip, can create an important safety buffer in emergency situations. U our colleagues from promobil have five current ones Summer tires tested for motorhomes.

These summer tires have been tested:

  • Continental Van-Contact 200 (price: 176 euros)
  • Goodyear Cargo Marathon (price: 170 euros)
  • GT Radical Maxmiler Pro (price: 120 euros)
  • Nokian C-Line (price: 165 euros (estimated))
  • Pirelli Carrier Camper (price: 186 euros)

Summer tires tested - this is how tests promobil

In order to guarantee the highest level of accuracy and reliability of results, all experiments in this test are carried out several times. In all criteria, the products are assessed according to a previously defined model. In principle, the best tire in a test receives the maximum possible score of ten points. The evaluation scheme follows a progressive mathematical function, which ensures that even high-quality products that are closely related in terms of their properties can be assessed with sufficient selectivity.

This scheme applies to both the objective assessment by measuring devices and the subjective rating by the specialized test drivers, which comes into play, for example, when assessing comfort and handling. When handling on wet or dry tracks, a balanced, safe driving behavior leads to an optimal rating. The rolling resistance of the tires is determined on roller test stands, based on EU regulations, which corresponds to the rolling resistance coefficient at 80 km /h.

  • In our photo show we have put together the pictures from the test .
  • You can read the complete test report including all information and reviews of the winter tires at promobil.de


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