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Successor to VW CEO: Candidates for the Winterkorn job

Jochen Knecht
Looking for successor for VW CEO
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U m the successor of Martin Winterkorn at the top of the group At Volkswagen there will be no fight vote, one hears from the management of the car manufacturer. There should be no conflict between the capital and employee representatives, reports the 'Welt'. The board of directors will present a successor to the board on Friday who will almost certainly take over the Winterkorn post. Winterkorn himself had failed to build a predestined successor during his tenure.

Already during the leadership crisis around Martin Winterkorn and the then supervisory board chairman Ferdinand Piëch, various managers put themselves in position.

As the most promising candidate Porsche boss Matthias Müller is traded on the VW board chair. The 62-year-old thinks himself too old for this position, but could be the ideal candidate as a transition candidate up to a long-term solution.

Audi boss has long been traded for the top VW job Rupert Stadler. Stadler would be the ideal age at 52, but for many observers he bears the stigma of being a business economist and not a technician. On the other hand, after the emissions scandal, which plunged the technicians in the group into a crisis, it could be more of an advantage not to be an engineer.

Skoda boss Winfried Vahland, who is converting the Czechs into a source of income, would also be possible Has. At 58 he wouldn't be too old either. According to many insiders, the graduate industrial engineer seems to lack power in the group.

The two newcomers Andeas Renschler and Herbert Diess are also traded. The 57-year-old Renschler is actually a truck man, but is considered diplomatic and can do well with the works council.

Diess is considered a successful car manager and buyer at suppliers, who characterize him as a tough negotiator. Because he only came to VW from BMW in the summer of 2014, he is believably unencumbered by the current raging emissions scandal, even for outsiders. In return, the 56-year-old lacks power as a newcomer. How well he is networked in the crucial supervisory board is still unclear. The powerful employee side is a little alienated with the cost depressor.

Observers rule out a great stranger or even a candidate from outside. The time since the turbulent emissions scandal has been far too short for that.


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