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Subaru XV recall: 602,216 vehicles affected

Subaru is recalling 602,216 Model XV vehicles worldwide due to issues with the rear stabilizer bar mounts.

The Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) currently has the following under the Recalls section: "Due to incorrect attachment, the rear stabilizer bracket can come loose, which would limit driving behavior." Both sides of the rear anti-roll bar mounts on Subaru XV vehicles are affected. More precisely, from 602,216 copies of the Japanese worldwide. In Germany, 4,559 vehicle owners have to be prepared for mail from Subaru.

The recall can be found at the KBA under the reference number 010800 and at the manufacturer under the code 202104 (SRT307) and affects vehicles from the years 2018 and 2019. When visiting the workshop, the manufacturer replaces the screws or corrects their tightening torque. To date, there have been no known incidents of property damage and/or personal injury. The KBA is monitoring the recall campaign.,


With more than 600,000 Subaru XVs worldwide, the rear anti-roll bar brackets can become detached. The KBA is monitoring the recall campaign, which affects 4,559 vehicles in Germany.


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