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Subaru WRX STi: the notchback legend is back

Subaru WRX STi
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For three years fans had to buy a Subaru Impreza W RX STI with notchback. Now, in response to popular requests from customers, the five-door model is again being accompanied by a sedan version including a rear spoiler. It is celebrating its comeback under the motto 'The Wing is back'.

16.5 centimeters more length

The large rear wing on the trunk lid remains the most distinctive feature of the Impreza WRX STI version, it is also worth taking a look at the face of the new rally car. The massive, elegant bumper with the rectangular air inlet and the oval auxiliary headlights reveals the rally genes, as does the typical hood on the bonnet. The smoothly flared wheel arches also distinguish the Impreza WRX STI from the normal versions of the Impreza. The length of the four-door model also exceeds the hatchback variant by 16.5 centimeters at 4.58 meters. The plus in length is reflected in a trunk volume of 420 liters. All other dimensions are tied.

Well-known boxer menu

Expected under the bonnet Subaru Impreza WRX STI fans a well-known menu. The 2.5-liter turbo four-cylinder boxer was taken over unchanged from the five-door. In the sedan, too, there are 300 hp and 407 Nm of torque available, which are permanently distributed to all four wheels. With the adjustable driving dynamics programs SI-Drive and Multi Mode VDC, the driver can configure the electronic assistance individually. All driving aids can be switched off except for ABS. In addition, the boss at the steering wheel can decide how the drive power should be distributed between the front and rear axles: This is done either by the on-board electronic computer in automatic mode or by the driver using a selector switch.

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI is said to have improved driving characteristics through changes to the suspension, springs, dampers and stabilizers and a lowering of five millimeters.

WRX STI sedan costs 1,500 euros extra

From the pure measured values, the sedan is even superior to the five-door. If there is still a tie with 5.2 seconds in the sprint from zero to 100 km /h, the hatchback variant has to go with the sedanlet the regulated 255 km /h go by five km /h. There is again a stalemate in average consumption. 10.5 liters are available here.

The new Subaru Impreza WRX STI with notchback is available at prices from 46,900 euros. The surcharge for the trunk lid including spoiler and substructure is 1,500 euros


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