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Subaru relies on hybrids with boxer engines in the future

Bernd Conrad
Subaru's future plans
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S ubaru is used in Europe, and thus also in Germany, as Niche manufacturers noticed. No wonder: the majority of the over one million cars built each year are sold in the USA and Canada. Subaru plans to produce 1.1 million vehicles in the current fiscal year, 770,000 of which will hit the streets in North America. Subaru Germany reports the number of 3,714 new registrations for the first half of 2018, which is at the level of the previous year (total 2017: 7,440 new registrations). In the Subaru production network, there are simply no more cars planned for Europe, which, despite the manageable number of units, sometimes ensures long delivery times.

3,714 new registrations in the first half of 2018

Among the 3,714 Subaru in the months of January up to and including June 2018 there are 396 units with diesel engines. The specially developed boxer is currently only offered in the Forester, most recently it was also removed from the range of the Outback with the change of model year. The conversion of the diesel engine to the Euro 6d-TEMP emissions standard would no longer have been economically viable for the low sales figures.

In the future, Subaru will also rely on partial electrification of the model range. The manufacturer has now announced this in a strategy presentation for the coming years. In 2018, the XV and the related Impreza, the first models on Subaru's new platform, which will carry all models of the brand in the future, were presented. In the USA, a seven-seater SUV model called Ascent is currently being introduced on the same basis, the successor to the Forester, which is also available from us, will be available there shortly and in our dealerships in 2019.

One began with Impreza and XV Model offensive

Subaru sees this as the starting signal for a model offensive that should ensure growth over the next few years. Every year they want to show a new model, but the planners are currently not providing an exact timetable.

For the year 2024, the presentation introduces a “globally strategically important SUV”. A new boxer engine with turbocharging and smaller displacement should then also work in it, which is to replace the current drive units in the early 2020s Decade onshould come to the market. A purely electric car is also planned

As already reported, the first plug-in hybrid will be launched in the USA at the end of 2018, which is probably based on the current XV (sold as Crosstrek in the USA). Subaru uses the hybrid technology of the Toyota Prius. Toyota is a shareholder in Subaru.

Close cooperation with Toyota

Bernd Conrad
The Subaru BRZ is also sold identically as a Toyota GT86.

The cooperation of both Companies also spawned the Subaru BRZ /Toyota GT86 sports car duo. The small, rear-wheel drive coupe was largely developed and built by Subaru. Subaru's plan for the future shows that this will also be the case with the successor. In addition, it will work closely with Toyota in the areas of connected cars and other future technologies.

In 2020, Subaru would like to offer level 2 automated driving, for example a motorway assistant. At this stage, the computer controls the vehicle, but the person must constantly monitor what is happening and be ready to take control again. For 2024, the Japanese are planning level 4 automation, with automatic parking and parking of the vehicle being named as an area of ​​application.

Here too, an all-wheel drive system should always drive the car. The brand essence at Subaru should not be watered down. It is quite possible, however, to use an electric all-wheel drive with the hybrid models, in which the electric motor activates the rear axle


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