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Subaru, Nissan and Jeep lead 2017 vehicle registrations

Own approvals 2017
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D the Federal Motor Transport Authority in Flensburg annually shows not only new registrations but also in its statistics the Self-registrations from. They reflect how high the quota of new registrations is for the respective manufacturer or importer. In the 2017 reporting year, the share of these own registrations, at 29.09 percent, fell only slightly by 0.53 percent compared to 2016. Background: In-house registrations include demonstration models and test cars, but also models that appear on the used car market as daily registrations or young used vehicles with discounts - a welcome tool for pimping sales and the new registration statistics.

Hyundai with the biggest leap in self-registration

Subaru is at the forefront of this year. The all-wheel drive Japanese had a self-registration share of 48.52 percent in 2017 and increased by 4.83 percent compared to 2016. In second place is Nissan with a rate of 47.38 percent (+4.74 percent) followed by Jeep with 46.42 percent (-0.34 percent). However, Hyundai recorded the greatest increase in vehicle registrations, which rose by 7.45 percent. However, there are also manufacturers and importers who significantly reduced the approvals to themselves in 2017. Alfa reduced the share by 11.5 percent, Seat by 10.42 percent.

Subaru also well ahead in December ranking

In our top 30, 14 brands are well above the German ones Average. The first German manufacturer is Opel, as far as you can call the Rüsselsheim-based PSA department that way. Opel ranks fifth, directly ahead of Porsche and well ahead of Audi in 14. In 2017, VW with 28.3 percent as well as Mercedes (25.06 percent) and BMW (24.87 percent) showed below average in terms of in-house registrations. At the very end of the Top 30 ranking is ... oh, take a look for yourself. You can find the detailed results in our photo show.

By the way: In December alone, some manufacturers and importers started their year-end rally. Honda ranks first in the monthly statistics and came to 64.19 percent. Subaru took silver with 58.0 percent of its own registrations ahead of Opel with 51.86 percent. The monthly average was 27.83 percent.


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