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Subaru Impreza XV: New crossover from the all-wheel drive pioneer Subaru

Subaru Impreza XV new launch
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Z for driving report of the Suvaru XV 2012: This way

A couple of unpainted plastic parts, springs five millimeters longer, the crossover is ready for a lively surcharge compared to the production model. This strategy brings a lot of revenue to various automakers. All-wheel drive pioneer Subaru now also wants to conquer additional customers with a crossover model. However, the new Subaru Impreza XV is not a blender, but can actually turn off the road into (easy) terrain.

Subaru XV crossover with off-road reduction

In times when full-grown five meters -SUV without four-wheel drive scurry across supermarket parking lots, SUV fans are already happy about real 4x4 offers. Subaru goes even further with the XV and offers the new crossover with a switchable off-road reduction. Although this is typically mildly graded (1.5: 1), thanks to synchronization, it can also be inserted while driving. However, this is not just a nice thing for the new Impreza XV, but a feature of all petrol Impreza. Subaru does without this feature in the models with the two-liter boxer diesel. Reason: the diesel has enough torque.

Subaru Impreza XV: Elevation and suspension reinforcement

Compared to the otherwise structurally identical car model, Subaru has lend a hand with the chassis of the XV. Reinforced suspensions, a slightly widened track and the ground clearance increased to 155 millimeters are intended to improve suitability for bad roads compared to the car version. In addition, the Subaru Impreza XV is fitted with an underride guard as standard.

On the outside, the wheel arch extensions made of unpainted plastic, a circumferential bump protection on sills and aprons as well as the matt black roof rails signal the increased thirst for adventure. There is a choice of two 150 hp two-liter engines: the gasoline engine achieves 196 Nm of torque, accelerates to 100 km /h in 9.6 seconds, runs up to 196 km /h and has a standard consumption of 8.4 liters. Its diesel counterpart brings it to 350 Newton meters, the comparison values ​​here: 9.0 seconds, 203 km /h, 5.8 liters consumption.

Subaru Impreza XV: the price

The Impreza XV comes in a standard equipment that is roughly on the level of the 'Comfort' line in the normal Impreza. These include light alloy wheels, automatic air conditioning, xenon lights and an audio system. Forthe Subaru Impreza XV with two-liter gasoline engine are 24,500 euros in the price list, the diesel XV is available from 27,500 euros.


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