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StVO change: new rules, new signs, new penalties

StVO change
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S Among other things, he provides for much tougher penalties, including cyclists be made safer.

The new features for cyclists in detail:

  • The illegal parking on Sidewalks and cycle paths as well as the now unauthorized stopping on protective strips and parking and stopping in the second row will increase the fines from currently 15 euros to up to 100 euros. In the case of more serious violations, the entry of a point in the register of fitness to drive is also planned: if other road users are hindered or endangered by illegal parking or stopping in the second row and on bicycle protection lanes or parking on sidewalks and bike paths, Property damage has occurred or the vehicle has been parked on the sidewalk or bike path for more than an hour. The classification of the violation is carried out by the responsible authorities on site.
  • Also the illegal use of sidewalks , cycle paths and hard shoulder vehicles will be punished with a fine of up to 100 euros instead of up to 25 euros.
  • parking in front of intersections and junctions is at a distance of up to 8 Meters from the intersection of the lane edges if there is a built cycle path along the road.
  • There is a minimum overtaking distance of 1.5 m in urban areas and 2 m in rural areas for Overtaking pedestrians, cyclists and drivers of small electric vehicles by motor vehicles is stipulated. So far, the StVO only stipulates 'sufficient side clearance'. A new road sign for overtaking single-lane and multi-lane vehicles is being introduced.
  • For right-turning vehicles over 3.5 t , walking speed (4 to 7, max . 11 km /h) mandatory. In future, violations can be sanctioned with a fine of 70 euros . In addition, a point is entered in the fitness to drive register.
  • In the future, people may be taken on bicycles if the bicycles are built and equipped for passenger transport and the driver is at least 16 years old is.
  • The existing one Green arrow regulation will also be extended to cyclists who want to turn right out of a cycle lane or a built cycle path. In addition, a separate green arrow, which only applies to cyclists, will be introduced.
  • For ' cargo bikes ', parking areas and loading zones will be marked with a new symbol 'cargo bike'. This sign can be used by the responsible road traffic authorities.
  • The traffic sign ' Radschnellweg ' is included in the StVO in order to be able to mark bicycle expressways regardless of the condition of the road, e.g. B. on sandy ground.

The other changes:

  • A new traffic sign for car sharing vehicles, as well as a sticker for car sharing models .
  • fines for unauthorized parking in a disabled parking lot increased from 35 to 55 euros .
  • In addition, a new offense will be introduced for unauthorized parking in a parking lot for electrically powered vehicles (warning fee : 55 euros).
  • The fine for illegal parking in narrow or blind spots or in the area of ​​a sharp curve will also be increased from 15 to 35 Euros raised.
  • The general stopping and parking violation will be punished with a sanction of up to 25 euros instead of up to 15 euros.
  • In future this can be illegal The use of an emergency exit can be prosecuted and punished just as much as the failure to create an emergency exit. There is a risk of fines between 200 and 320 euros and a one month driving ban . In addition, there is a risk of entering two points in the fitness to drive register for these violations.
  • Even with minor speed violations One month's driving ban will be imposed as before. This already applies in urban areas when the speed is exceeded by 21 km /h.
  • So-called Auto-Posing can also be effectively punished in the future: the StVO amendment can impose a fine for causing the problem of unnecessary noise and avoidable pollution as well as unnecessary driving back and forth from up to 20 euros to up to 100 euros .


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