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Study of car brand clichés 2018: stuffy, rich and fat

Hardy Mutschler
Study of car brand clichés
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S Be honest, you too have opinions on certain things Concerns car brands and the management consultancy Progenium asked the clichés of 20 brands in a representative survey of 2,013 Germans. The result was an impressive and completely subjective picture of how we perceive drivers of certain car brands.

Mini is female, Renault drivers are modest

Mini, Smart and Fiat are among the “ most feminine “brands, Jaguar, Mercedes and Volvo drivers are particularly old, while the driver of an Audi premium vehicle, for example, earns 2,900 euros a month net - as much as the national average.

Drivers of certain car brands are perceived as cosmopolitan or narrow-minded.

However, the driver profiles in the study are working positive and negative character traits. 70 percent of those surveyed consider Mercedes to be stuffy and Mini to be particularly “cosmopolitan”. Ford and Opel drivers are seen as unattractive above average. Toyota drivers and drivers of Renault cars are considered particularly modest. On the other hand, Ferrari owners, along with Porsche and Jaguar drivers, are considered to be extremely arrogant. Despite the emissions scandal, opinion about the environmental awareness of VW drivers is balanced.

And, can you understand the prejudices and opinions from the study? Yes? Then depending on which brand you drive, you should smile more, lose weight or look for a new job. Take a look, in our photo show we have the driver details and the character rankings.


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