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Study: Fewer accidents caused by drink-driving

Study of drinking and driving
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D after that, in 2008 around 19,600 alcohol accidents with injuries were registered nationwide . 15 years ago it was a good double and 30 years ago it was almost three times as many.

90 percent of alcohol offenders are men

523 people came to the Killed in alcohol accidents in 2008. 15 years ago it was 2,000 and 30 years ago even 3,500. The number of seriously injured people also fell by two thirds to almost 7,000 within 15 years, said ACE spokesman Rainer Hillgärtner. Almost 90 percent of alcohol accidents with personal injury were caused by men. In its investigation, the ACE relies on data from the Federal Motor Vehicle Statistics Office.

In addition to improved vehicle safety devices, Hillgärtner cited a reduced social acceptance of drunk driving and tougher penalties for alcohol offenses in road traffic as the cause of the development. This has led to a different approach to alcohol.

Large regional fluctuations

Regionally, however, there are still large differences in the frequency of alcohol victims in traffic. With 36.06 alcohol accidents per 100,000 inhabitants, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is right at the top of the frequency list, closely followed by Saarland (34.76). At 26.59, Lower Saxony is just above the national average of 24.20. There were relatively few alcohol accidents per 100,000 inhabitants in Hamburg (20.43) and North Rhine-Westphalia (18.78). Bavaria (21.77) and Berlin (21.42) are also below the national average.

The number of drivers caught under the influence of alcohol at the wheel is also falling, said Hillgärtner. In 2008 it was just under 191,000. In 2001 it was just under 231,000. This development is also gratifying at first sight and possibly a success of the numerous road safety campaigns against drink-driving. However, the downsizing of the police is preventing close traffic monitoring.


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