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Strike at Total: petrol shortage in France

Strike at Total
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D ie Unions protest against the planned closure of the refinery at the Dunkerque site with the work stoppage. As a result of the strike, all six of the company's refineries had to be shut down.

No end of the strike in sight

Part of the unions voted on Monday to continue the strike. Total had previously offered to bring a decisive meeting of the general works council forward to March 8th. The company also promised not to lay off for operational reasons.

Meanwhile, the Élysée also got involved in the conflict. The head of the supervisory board, Thierry Desmarest, was asked to speak to the presidential palace on Monday. Industry Minister Christian Estrosi asked the oil company to submit an alternative plan for the Dunkerque site as soon as possible. Otherwise the refinery, which has been closed since September, should be restarted. Total operates every second refinery in France.

Fuel will last for another week

According to estimates by the French Association of the Oil Industry, fuel stocks will last for about a week if the strike continues. 'The situation is worrying,' said association chief Jean-Louis Schilansky. There have already been the first hamster purchases from motorists.


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