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Stricter fines demanded: 1,000 euros fine for 20 km / h too much

Reinhard Schmid
1,000 euros fine for 20 km /h too much
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Even construction site speeders should be severely punished

I n the' Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung 'he said:' Anyone who drives 20, 30 or even more km /h too fast has to pay a fine in the range of 1,000 euros '. This would mean a tenfold increase in the current fines.

Even drivers who did not keep the minimum distance or who did not form an emergency lane in the event of an accident should pay much higher fines, according to the SPD politician. The minister demanded that violations in construction sites should automatically be penalized with a double fine. Driving fast shouldn't be a minor offense, 'at the same time we have to get driving bans much faster,' he said.

Fines are based on income

In order not to burden low-wage earners too much According to Pistorius, the fines are graded according to income. Nevertheless, the penalties should 'hit the mark'.

Compared to the NOZ, however, Pistorius admitted that he did not expect a majority in the federal government and in the state for his initiative. He wants to sound out 'what is politically possible in this area, because of course a potential increase in fines in Germany as a driving country is always sensitive'.


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