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Streitatlas Germany 2017: Anger lives here

Streitatlas Germany 2017
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I n your study, a total of 1.7 million disputes in German road traffic evaluated down to the district level. It was found that within two years the number of traffic disputes had increased by an average of 28 percent. In no other legal area has the insurer recorded similar rates of increase.

NRW is the most contentious federal state

Despite the often high volume of traffic, it cannot be due to the population density. In Cloppenburg with 12.3 traffic disputes per 100 inhabitants, there are 484 inhabitants per square kilometer. Wiesbaden has 1,361 square kilometers with 10.6 disputes per 100 inhabitants.

In the evaluation according to federal states, the most populous state of North Rhine-Westphalia ranks 1st together with Brandenburg. There were 8.0 disputes per 100 inhabitants. Second place is shared by Saarland and Hamburg with 7.8, third place goes to Berlin with a rate of 7.7.

In the south of Germany, drivers and other road users do not get into each other quite as often. Bavaria in last place has only 5.7 disputes per 100 inhabitants. The three districts with the fewest disputes come from this state. Tirschenreuth is in first place with 2.8, followed by Freyung-Grafenau with 3.5 and Roth with 3.8.


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