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Stella Lux solar electric vehicle: up to 1,000 km range

TU Eindhoven /Bart van Overbeeke
Stella Lux solar electric vehicle
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D as Stella Lux solar mobile is 4.52 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and only 1.12 meters high. For the benefit of aerodynamics, the vehicle runs through a center tunnel in the longitudinal axis. The four passengers take their seats in carbon seat shells to the left and right of the tunnel. Each passenger has access through their own door. Made of carbon fiber laminate and aluminum, the Stella Lux, which can reach speeds of up to 125 km /h, weighs around 375 kilograms.

Stella Lux carries almost 6 square meters of solar cells

The most important components are carried by the Stella Lux but on the roof. Here, solar cells spread over 5.8 square meters and store their energy in a 15 kWh battery. On a sunny day, the Stella Lux should travel up to 1,000 kilometers with this energy supply. Without sun support, the range is 650 kilometers. A special navigation system also helps to optimize the range, which among other things selects the sunniest route.

The big hour of the Stella Lux will strike from October 18, 2015, when the team from Eindhoven will take part in the World Solar Challenge in Australia occurs. The Dutch were successful in the 3,000 km trip through the outback in 2014. In 2015 they want to defend the title in the touring vehicle class.


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