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Startech Jaguar F-Type at the Geneva Motor Show: carbon fiber treatment for cats

Stefan Baldauf /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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You can at least try to decorate the J aguar F- Type look even better. The Brabus subsidiary Startech has used a classic recipe for this: carbon parts, rims and, last but not least, an interior refinement.

A lot of carbon, But not only for the show

Startech relies on its interpretation of the Jaguar F-Type, especially in the exterior, on the carbon fibers popular in racing. The add-on parts made from it include a new front splitter that is pulled lower. Aside from the more aggressive appearance, this is intended to reduce lift at higher speeds.

On the front of the British rear-wheel drive vehicle, Startech also adjusts the air inlets to suit your taste. The new side mirrors have a carbon cap, and the air outlets behind the fenders have been replaced with carbon fiber parts. The side skirts are also made of the light material, which, as with the Finish the Ferrari 458 Speciale with a kind of fin .

Formula 1 feature on the Startech Jaguar F-Type

If the eye falls on the newly styled rear of the British two-seater, the large diffuser approach first comes to the fore. The rear fog light is located in the middle of the carbon fiber component, which also has four exhaust tips (only V8 version). It is strongly reminiscent of the flashing tail light that Formula 1 vehicles switch on when visibility is poor.

Startech is sending the Jaguar F-Type with new 21-inch wheels on the road. The new tire sizes are 255/30 on the front axle and 305/25 on the rear. According to Startech, this should improve traction.

Complete interior made of leather

The tuner does not leave the interior untouched . New, quilted leather on the sports seats, numerous decorative parts, illuminated door sillsand a vehicle floor and roof lined completely with leather are on the credit side. The center console is embellished with a piano lacquer insert. As? No carbon? But: This component can also be ordered in real carbon on request.

The all-inclusive price for the Startech Jaguar F-Type with the 5-liter V8 supercharger and 550 PS as the basis (net price: around 100,000 Euros) amounts to just under 192,000 euros including taxes. The rims alone cost 11,244 euros, the full leather equipment costs 21,500 euros. And assembly is not included in these prices. As the saying goes: if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer. Or in this case the wallet.


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