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Starmaxx Rally 2011: The team spirit was required

Hardy Mutschler
Starmaxx-Rallye 2011
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I n the StarMaxx rally has long been among youngtimer drivers firmly anchored: the third weekend in June is reserved for the StarMaxx rally. Over two days, the participants literally experience the wonderful landscapes around the picturesque university town of Tübingen. And connoisseurs know: the ways to get there are selected by connoisseurs for experts. And they are peppered with aha experiences - regardless of whether it is a question of the route or tasks to be mastered.

Rainer Klink, initiator of the StarMaxx rally and, with his pit stop museum team, also executor of the StarMaxx, and Elke Langhammer, head of the Mercedes-internal classic car association HISTORIA Mobilis as co-sponsor, conjured up the team spirit that was repeatedly demanded during the event and sent the 80 vehicles punctually on the track with the best wishes for success.

The team spirit was the challenge

There was also no long pondering what the required team spirit was because the starting test of the StarMaxx rally 2011 was particularly challenging for the compulsory automobile community: the driver, condemned to be a helpless actor by a blindfold, had to be navigated through a short course by the co-driver. That would still be easy to accomplish if the clock weren't ticking mercilessly on the side. The time limit of 20 seconds had to be met to the hundredth - a difficult undertaking because the driver couldn't see when he would pass the light barrier. A mean test. It immediately became apparent what the team behavior was like in the cockpit. Because while some co-drivers with left-right weaknesses had their hardships, it was not always easy for the steering wheel acrobats to let themselves be guided by the passenger in their helplessness.

Max Birnbreier, the person responsible for the routing and the creative cell for all tasks, had some of these surprises ready: 'The StarMaxx rally is not for egocentric steering wheel acrobats, it deliberately demands teamwork in and around the cockpit', explained he's the strategy. 'With us, the co-drivers are not a decorative accessory, but are intensively involved in all tests,' he underlined his claim.

The special mixture of the StarMaxx-Rallye 2011

That’s the essentialsStrengths of the StarMaxx Rally 2011 demonstrated: beautiful roads off the beaten tourist track and lots of fun with the sometimes tricky tasks. All of this, integrated in the spirit and charm of the fine pit stop museum, results in a very special combination that is likely to fall on a healthy breeding ground for people with an affinity for cars. The special mix was also evident in the starting field: The newtimer segment created by Rainer Klink, which is reserved for vehicles of younger years of construction, and the real youngtimers were each represented in the same class size.

This composition was created out of necessity to fill the youngtimer class, which was initially only weakly occupied. In the meantime, this concept has developed into a character of its own, at least for the StarMaxx rally. For Rainer Klink, it doesn't matter whether some youngtimer purists turn up their noses at this composition. He wants to bring people together and not some groups caught up in their ideology.

Probably a concept that is well received, as all starting places for the StarMaxx Rally 2011 were booked long before the entry deadline. The 80 teams had 500 eventful kilometers ahead of them. On the first day the route led in a large loop into the Black Forest, stopped at the Steim car collection in Schramberg, and then returned to Tübingen with a short detour to the Swabian Alb.

The critical moments

In between was estimated, rolled, thrown, measured, run and weighed. Stations that bring joy, frustration and fun, but - as can be seen in the faces of the actors - ultimately represented a refreshing treatment for the driver's soul. Of course there were critical moments here and there at the 2011 StarMaxx rally. The difference in weight between driver and passenger had to be estimated. 'Either the scales are crazy or my girlfriend always told me something,' growled one participant when his estimate was so wrong that it hit the maximum number of points. And that man and woman still do not have a common idea of ​​how much 20 centimeters are now, was shown at the latest when they tried to park together.

Long-term friendships can also be at risk. This became apparent when a participant sought help from an animal doctor friend of his with estimating the age of calves on his cell phone. He wanted to know whether the ear tag could tell when the animal was born. The telephone partner said no and wanted to know whether he had the birth papers. 'I don't want to buy the calf,' was the dry answer, 'I just want to know how old the cattle are.' We do not know whether he received any help in answering this task.

But there is little room for cloudy thoughts or even hurt souls. Bythe interplay of tasks is a challenge for both driver and front passenger. By the evening party of the StarMaxx-Rallye 2011 in the pit stop museum at the latest, cloudy relationships are quickly repaired thanks to the good atmosphere.

This is also urgently needed when the team spirit is again required on the second day of the StarMaxx Rally 2011. The slightly shorter loop over almost 200 kilometers shows the participants through the Black Forest to the gates of Stuttgart. For sporty nostalgics, Max Birnbreier led the StarMäxxe over the legendary Solitude racetrack, past the start tower, the last remaining relic of this once famous racetrack. The participants learn that such a street course, peppered with speed limits, loses a lot of its charisma - what remains is the myth.

The heart of a racing driver is already there when driving freely on closed terrain such as the Zepfenhan airfield near Rottweil rather served. Sprinting with a final brake test or slalom through the pylon course is entirely up to the driver, as the copilot becomes an extra.

The special mixture does justice to the StarMaxx Rally 2011

On the one hand, hot tires, another time - without any trousers - a sprint through the Kneipp water treading basin: the mixture, like the Tübingen car and toy museum, has a unique position, which the StarMaxx rally 2011 fully lives up to.

The fact that time flies by such actions only becomes clear to the actors when they return to the Swabian student mecca in the afternoon. Now there are cups and prizes. And museum owner Rainer Klink has words of comfort, praise or encouragement for everyone, and he also hopes that everyone will be there again next year.

Horst Kuni and Annette Brettsche will definitely be back at the start. At the final balloon flight competition, which ended the colorful weekend spectacularly, they won a free start at next year's StarMaxx rally because their balloon was found in Wengen in the Allgäu after a flight distance of almost 200 kilometers.


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