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SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo: Virtual racer for racing simulation

SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo
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D he SRT Tomahawk Vision Gran Turismo, the future the virtual Gran Turismo 6 is intended to inspire racing drivers, and comes in three versions as a single-seater. The variants S, GTS-R and X were developed. S represents the basic model, GTS-R the racing version and X the experimental version.

SRT Tomahawk with carbon dress

Is fired the top version X, which weighs just under 750 kilograms, has a hybrid drive train with a 2,168 hp V10 combustion engine as the centerpiece, which transfers its power to the rear wheels. The front wheels are driven pneumatically. Excess energy in the form of compressed air is bunkered in large tanks and released again via drive units when required. Fiat-Chrysler puts the power of the overall drive train at 2,590 hp.


The basic model S relies on a 792 hp seven-liter V10 and 215 hp pneumatics Components. With a total output of 1,007 hp, the Tomahawk S is said to be over 400 km /h. In the GTS-R version, the V10 has 1,137 hp, the air pressure drive contributes 313 hp to the total output of 1,450 hp. The racing version, which weighs just 662 kilograms, is said to be faster than 480 km /h.

The silhouette is in the style of common super sports cars with large air inlets in the flanks. The front with the slit-shaped LED headlights is also jagged by large air inlets. The body is made entirely of carbon fiber laminate in a visible construction. The rear view is spectacular with no less than five tailpipes. Movable wing elements are attached above the four wheels, which should generate the optimum downforce at all times and can also act as air brakes if necessary. The actual stoppers use carbon fiber disks.


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