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Spyker Cars model overview: The sports car maker and Saab savior

Hans-Dieter Seufert
Spyker Cars model overview
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A t Tuesday (26.1.) it became official. The small sports car maker Spyker under its boss, the multimillionaire Victor R. Muller, sealed the takeover of the troubled Swedish car maker Saab for 74 million dollars with General Motors.

1926: Spyker was dissolved

But the real competence of the Dutch lies in the production of sports cars in small series. As early as 1898, the Spyker Manufactory produced a special carriage for the enthronement of Queen Wilhelmina, the first automobile followed in 1900, and the world's first racing car with all-wheel drive in 1903. In 1926 Spyker had to give up car production due to lack of demand and was closed.

In 1999 Spyker started the modern era under Victor R. Muller. The models C8 and C12 were created, which were offered in different versions. The Spyker C8 came as Lavoilette, Spyder, Double S and Aileron always with an aluminum space frame and a 400 hp 4.2-liter Audi V8 as a mid-engine. The C12 relied on the 500 hp W12 engine from the Audi shelf.

Spyker D12 Paris to Beijing: The SUV remained a concept

The Spyker SUV D12 Paris to Beijing, which was also to be powered by the Audi W12 engine, did not get beyond the prototype stage.

The Spyker Formula 1 involvement was only a short episode. In 2006 Spyker bought the Midland F1 racing team and started as the Spyker F1 Team the following season. Due to financial difficulties, however, the team was sold again after a year and is now running as Force India.


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