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Sporty Erlkönige September 2012: Sporty variety is expanded

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Sporty Erlkönige September 2012
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The best example is the sports car icon Porsche 911. While the basic models of the latest generation 991 are already on sale, celebrations in Paris the all-wheel drive versions premiere. L slightly camouflaged, the 911 is already doing its test laps as a Targa and shows the classic Targa bar. The sporty GT3 copy of the Porsche 911 was also caught by our Erlkönigjäger in September. Both 911 variants will not come onto the market until 2013.

VW Golf VII GTI and R-Model

The parent company in Wolfsburg is also sporty. While the seventh generation of the VW Golf in the GTI variant is still a study in Paris, the sporty Golf variants are already on the road. We saw the new GTI with a 200 hp two-liter TFSI, which even has 230 hp with a power pack. In addition, the approximately 300 hp R variant drove in front of our lenses.

At Lamborghini, there was only one technology update with cylinder deactivation for the top model Aventador in Paris. Soon, however, the product will be expanded to include a roadster variant, which is already on the road as a Erlkönig.

A camouflaged sports sedan also comes from Italy. It is the Maserati Ghibli, which will attack the BMW M5, the Mercedes E-Class AMG and the Audi S6 from 2013. The Opel Insignia is also intended to attract more customers, which is why the revised model generation is already on the road - of course also in the OPC version.

All other sporty Erlkönige from September 2012 can be seen in the photo show.


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