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Sports suspensions: more dynamism for the C5, X1, TT, Astra and Co.

H&R, KW, Eibach
Sports suspensions
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Chassis specialist H&R has extended its delivery program to include shorter springs for the models Citroen C5 Tourer, the BMW X1 and the N issan 370 Z expanded.

The Citroen - Combi is lowered by 40 millimeters by the new suspension springs, with the X1 it is 30 millimeters on both axles. The body of the Nissan 370 Z is also lowered by 30 millimeters if the shorter springs are installed. In addition, all models can also be equipped with wheel spacers made of aluminum, which allow the wheels to sit more firmly in the wheel arches.

Three versions for the Audi TT RS

For more driving dynamics in the Audi TT RS takes care of specialist KW - and that in three stages. The coilover kit 1 at prices from 849 euros is already completely ex works on the Audi agreed in advance. Variant 2 at prices from 1,099 euros can be adjusted in rebound damping. Variant 3 is fully adjustable in rebound and compression levels for 1,549 euros. For race track drivers, KW has the Clubsport version on offer at a price of 1,999 euros. If the lowered Audi TT then threatens to fail on the threshold of the underground car park, a hydraulic lift system can be installed on the front axle that raises the TT nose by 40 millimeters at the push of a button. KW calculates this comfort with at least 2,899 euros.

Chassis for Astra, Golf and A5

To the new Opel Astra tailored, the Eibach Pro-Kit suspension springs are presented at a price of around 180 euros. The Pro Street S coilover kit is adjustable at a price of around 923 euros. In addition, Eibach also offers wheel spacers for the Astra. For the VW Golf Variant stopsEibach also has shorter springs (198 euros), sports shock absorbers (598 euros), reinforced stabilizers (363 euros) and wheel spacers ready. To also get the Audi A5 as a coupé and To make the convertible even sportier, Eibach offers shorter springs for the Ingolstadt-based company (252 euros) and also wheel spacers. Eibach also offers the same scope of the package for the new Nissan 370 Z.


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