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sport auto perfection training dates 2010

Frank Herzog
sport auto-perfection training 2010
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F a sport experienced in racing and the Nordschleife under the guidance Auto instructors, enough time for the individual chase through the legendary 'Green Hell' and exclusive taxi rides in the Porsche GT3 RS are on the program - a racing license can also be purchased as an option.

Individual chase through the Green Hell

After consultation with the Nürburgring GmbH, the sport auto perfection trainings 2010 will start on 14./15. June. The 2010 season starts with a two-day training session just before midsummer night. You can see impressions of the training in the photo show.

The second major event is for the 6./7. September 2010 scheduled. The cost of the educational fun: 1,780 euros (plus 70 euros crash barrier flat rate) including full board and two nights at the Dorint Hotel. The co-pilot package for co-drivers costs 500 euros in a single room or 450 euros in a double room.

Racing license as part of the training

A warm-up party will take place on the evening before the two-day appointments to get participants and instructors in the mood. You train with your own car. The national A license can be purchased for an extra charge and prior registration.

The one-day training, which is primarily dedicated to free driving and individual coaching in small groups, will take place on 5. July 2010 . The price of 695 euros (plus 45 euros guardrail flat rate) includes an overnight stay in the Dorint Hotel and meals for the day. The co-pilot package for co-drivers costs 225 euros in a single room or 200 euros in a double room.

Information and registration from Ms. Petra Zeltner from the organization team (phone: +49 3723/65 33 43, fax: +49 3723/65 33 53, e-mail: p.zeltner@sachsenring.de ).


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