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sport auto-High Performance Days 2012: Review of the Tuner Grand Prix

Rossen Gargolov
sport auto-High Performance Days 2012
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Hockenheim, pit lane, motorsport of the most spectator-friendly kind.' The Tuner Grand Prix is ​​almost better attended than the DTM ', explains participant and ex-DTM racing driver Thomas Winkelhock after he had to negotiate the slalom poles with his BMW M3 CSL like a ski racer in the pit lane. For 20 years now, sport auto has been attracting sports car and tuning fans to the s port auto -Tuner Grand Prix on Whitsun on the F1 runway.
“Nowhere else can you get to the cars in the pit lane as close as you can,” says Mike from Untertürkheim. The 22-year-old doesn't have more time for a short chat. With his digital camera he fires at anything that snorts and hisses. And in 2012 there are no less than 64 participants and their crazy boxes. Gumpert Apollo, McLaren MP4-12C and Lamborghini Murciélago meet tuned Mini, Caterham or a 472 hp VW bus.

MTM rolls on with a wide range of vehicles

“Being there is everything. With the VW Bus and the Audi Q3, we want to offer a good show for the audience, ”said MTM boss Roland Mayer, piling deeply before the start, in order to add one last second to the two SUV heavyweights and the audience favorites Audi S1 ​​and V8 DTM To name a weapon in the super sports category. MTM driver Florian Gruber then casually rushed the British athlete with Bavarian extra horsepower to first place.

To ensure equal opportunities, the participants of the sport auto -Tuner GP 2012 were not only in 12 classes are evaluated, but divided into group A (vehicles without road approval) and group B (with road approval). Dekra engineer Frank Fricke and his team scrutinized the latter in particular during the technical acceptance.

'This is the little tuner Grand Prix folder, the big one with the invoices is at home', says Sebastian Tauber with a smile as he presents a folder full of material reports and TÜV certificates. Until all the modifications to his 635 hp BMW M3 E46 with supercharger conversion were entered in the three-page vehicle registration document, it wasn't just nerve-racking.

All's well that ends well. With road approval, the BMW M3 from Tauber Motorsport stormed to first place in the Coupé turbo class of Group B. Schirmer Race celebrated in the suction coupésEngineering despite series performance, but thanks to the good chassis set-up of the BMW M3 and the M3 GTS, an undisputed double victory.

Series car for the racetrack level

Even more intense feelings of happiness came up in the Coupé turbo class of Group A. Here, Oettinger, an old acquaintance who had long since disappeared into the tuning obsession, triumphed. “I still remember 1993 when we started with the Oettinger Golf VR6. Now we are back again ”, Oettinger man Rüdiger Völkner comments on the victory of the Oettinger-Audi TT RS-R. In a record time of only four weeks, including several night shifts, the team modified the production car to a racetrack level with 470 hp.
The skyline specialists at MPS Engineering also had to work at night. 'We retracted the car on the autobahn the night before the Tuner GP,' reveals MPS driver Robert Hirrig, who drove the completely rebuilt Skyline GT-R R32 in first place in the youngtimer class. In addition, he finished P3 in the hard-fought final race with the 20-year-old Japanese puffed up with 521 hp.

Christoph Benjamin Schön from the LE-Composites team conjured up almost as much performance from his VW Passat Variant Syncro Type 32b des Year of construction 1985. Thanks to the performance-enhanced five-cylinder turbo engine from the Audi S2, the emptied all-wheel-drive family carriage went 'like hell' according to its owner on the straights of Hockenheim. beta '> Duel of the Japanese rally cars

While the focus here was on having fun, his LE team-mate and racing driver Daniel Keilwitz looked more seriously at the result. With an averaged lap time of 1.07.253 minutes from the five fastest laps, he clearly won the duel against the import racing Evo 9 with the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7 from LE-Composites.
“Next year will be beaten back”, said the import racing driver Alex Wutzke proposed the route for 2013. Excitement is inevitable, because as early as 2012, both vehicles attracted attention due to wild conversions with aerodynamic shafts in DTM style (LE composites) and monstrous wings (import racing).

During import racing in the group's sedan turbo class A, the team from Benningen am Neckar dominated the sedan class for street-legal vehicles with the Mitsubishi Evo 9 station wagon ahead of Hannes Neuhauser in the Skoda Octavia from Rothe Motorsport.
“When you drive, you don't even notice that you are sitting in an Octavia, ”is how the ex-Formula 3 driver describes the Rothe station wagon's handling. No wonder, fender flares, a Bilstein coilover kit, a Movit brake and more power transformed the Pampersbomber into a racing suit.

P2 for the station wagon and the class win with the VW Golf VI R20 were the reason for the champagne shower for team boss Mike Rothe. “We want to go to the next yearCompete in the 24h race at the Nürburgring and probably not at the Tuner GP anymore, ”concluded Rothe. However, sport auto won't let a tuner go so easily and will compete for the participation of the fast Hessians in 2013 as well.

That a successful participation in the 24h race at the Nürburgring and at the tuner GP is feasible, Mathilda showed Racing with the VW Scirocco Mathilda GTR1. 'What a marathon on two weekends in a row, first 24 hours, then Tuner GP', said Mathilda Racing boss Michael Paatz exhausted, who was also able to look forward to a class win in the street-legal compact car after reaching the finish line in the 24-hour race.

Corvette displaces Porsche in the GT class

The GT classes for turbo and naturally aspirated vehicles flooded no fewer than seven Corvette models. No wonder, all Porsche tuners pinched in 2012 and had more or less flimsy statements ready for their absence. But the audience didn't have to miss anything - well-known Corvette tuners such as Callaway Competition, Pfadt Race Engineering Europe, TIKT or GeigerCars.de put on a fine lateral dynamics show.

Mainz 05 goalkeeper and track day fan Heinz Müller repeated the Callaway-Z06.RR won last year in the GT vacuum class. The fastest Corvette man of the day, however, was Patrick Simon, who won not only the GT Turbo class, but also the final race and the Group B overall standings in a 700 PS ZR1 hammer from Geiger.

In 1.05 minutes around the small course

The motto “the last will be the first”, however, proved to be true again this year. Hohenester didn't arrive until Friday evening. Then the Bavarians swapped the release bearing on the performance-enhanced KTM X-Bow in a late shift, while others were already falling for the wheat beer, in order to drive everything to the ground on the Saturday of the race. As fast as Hohenester driver Reinhard Kofler with an averaged lap time of 1.05.521 minutes has not been at the Tuner GP for a long time. Here we give a Overview of lap times of the overall winners of the Tuner GP since 1992 .


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