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Spice-X: New electric racing car from Italy

Spice-X electric car
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G if you think, the constant popping up of new ones Electric car brands are losing momentum, when post comes from Italy. An electrically powered racing car with the name Spice-X is to be built there.

The electric racer is very compact with a length of 3.83 meters and a width of just under 1.70 meters. According to the designers, this should ensure that the Spice-X is easy to drive on the racetrack. In addition, the transport to and from racing events on a trailer or in a van should be simplified.

The driver's cab of the single-seater opens forward like the cockpit of a jet. Spice-X does not yet provide a glimpse into the cockpit under the tinted glass.

There is no information about the drive yet

The first information from the Italian company spares any reference to technical data or Information about the type of battery to be used. The website doesn't reveal anything either. After all, there is an Instagram account on which pictures of a vehicle presentation and work on the prototype are shown.

At the moment, one can only speculate about the substance behind the Spice-X project.


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